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And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is). (The Qur'an 2:42)

Javed Javed Cardiff-British Pakistani Muslim exposing Paedophiles, Alcohol & Swine dealers, Mushrik & Adulterers and Cardiff Zani Mosque-Masjid


Girl, 15, used as 'sex plaything' by "Uncle Pig's" Son




O Boys and Girls of Women's of Zani Mosque Cardiff which are mentioned in a document called "SEX IN MADINA MOSQUE CARDIFF" reported to South Wales Police and Home Secretary by Javed Javed an ex-Charity Commission Appointed Trustee

It is no fault of yours if you were conceived by a zani man or Zani Peer instead of your mother's husband which your zani mother is probably hiding from you and if you wants to find out if your mother is lying or not, here is a simple paternity test from Boots which will clear your mind.



javed javed assaulted
Javed Javed attacked at home 2008. Police Occurrence Number 62080168532.
South Wales Police found nobody responsible.


O Die with Shame! Is this what Islam has taught you?
Only one Husain (RA) stood up to hold the Standard of Muhammad (S).
When did the Light of the Eye of Mercy for the Worlds (S) stopped,
Imam (RA) said every where, ”no gods but Allah”.
Nimrod, Firon, Abu Jahl and Yazid are extinct,
Light of Truth spread again by the Night of Karbala.
Why shouldn’t devils become your rulers after abandoning Qur’an,
Your Islam has been taken by Western Nations.
O Illiterate! Because of your Greed of Paradise, you have been robbed in every season,
You have been destroyed by the rulings of Pir & Mullah.
O Mushriks! How would you face Muhammad (S) (on the day of judgement)?
Yours Evil Work of worshipping other than Allah have earned you Hell Fire.
Tradition of Muhammad (S) is alive; Allah & Muhammad (S) are pleased,
Only one Javed (poet) is standing against the Mushriks.

Simple English understanding of poem by Javed Iqbal Javed - 01.01.2012-Qur'an 12:106



Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

“If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time-a tremendous whack.”
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill


Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils). Q17.32

quran 4.148
Allah loveth not the evil should be noised abroad in public speech, except where injustice hath been done;
for Allah is He who heareth and knoweth all things. The Qur'an of Muhammad (S) 4:148

[Extremist's Lying & Unjust Court Case No 2CF 93205 against Javed Javed]


And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is). (The Qur'an 2:42)

"Nor come nigh to fornication/adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils)" Q17:32
The fornicator [zani] does not marry except a [female] fornicator or polytheist, and none marries her except a fornicator or a polytheist, and that has been made unlawful to the believers. Qur'an 24:3

"And when the girl [who was] buried alive is asked; For what sin/crime she was killed." The Qur'an 81:8-9
(Sexually exploiting a young child or girl is just like giving her/him a living death for whole life-JJ)

quran 4.135
O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do. Qur'an 4:135

"And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause,
shares in its burden" The Qur'an 4:85

"British authorities enforcing political correctness have allowed Muslim paedophile gangs to sexually abuse children with impunity for more than two decades, according to a comprehensive new study that examines the harrowing epidemic of child grooming in towns and cities across Britain."

"The laws in various Islamic states show that they think that Aisha [who was married to Mohammad at the age of six] was under 10 when Mohammed had sex with her. And to Muslims, Mohammed is regarded as the perfect man; it is part of their religion that they should emulate his behavior."

o-muslman-ki-malikah- poem by javed javed

O Her Majesty the Queen of Muslims

O Her Majesty the Queen of Muslims,  Look at the Cruelty on Children,
Sexual Beasts are trampling all over children in Mosque.
Your Police is Sleeping or Lost in the Evils/Corrupt Way,
Your Muslims are helpless but Furiously Fuming inside.
Why are your Ministers sitting idle? Have they taken opium?
Why are they so in-sensitive? What are they weighing-up?
Do not look at the Beard & Age of Satan & Evil Mullah,
Whenever they see Innocent Child they Waver.
What more Poet  should tell you, they are such Ferocious Beasts,
These adulterers touch breasts & probe between the legs.
Look at Madina Mosque and also its Mafia,
The Wrath of Allah came, because, Adulterers were colouring it with their own colour.
You are the Last Support & Hope, this is all an Open Letter,
Muslims are without Tongue, that's why they do not speak.
Please, Order & Make a Public Announcement to Arrest Beasts and their Supporters,
 Paedophiles Priests/Mullah Rape Children in Mosque of Allah.

Simple English understanding of an Urdu Language Poem by Javed Javed - 12 March 2013

o rulers of great britain poem by javed javed
O Honourable Ruler of Great Britain
O Honourable Minister! Are you sleeping or living in dark?
Tell me! Are you stone-hearted, honourless, childless or tyrannical/unjust?
Why don't you arrest Paedophile/Child Rapist from Mosques?
Are you the Ruler of Great Britain or a floater in a River of Fear?
Kingdom can survive even citizen with empty stomach,
Without exception; every one perish with oppression & injustice.
Muslims are no more! Munafiq/Hypocrite Mullah is god, (Q9:107)
If Mosque is Masjid-e-Zarar, then, do what Muhammed (S) did; Burn & Demolish It.
If no justice from you, then, you will be Worse than Cattle (Q25:44),
The injustice which children are suffering; you wouldn't be able to endure it even for a day.

Simple English understanding of an Urdu Language Poem by Javed Javed - 22 March 2013



child sex grooming


Newcastle grooming gang

ONE of the men involved in a sex party ring where it was suspected under-age girls were fed drugs and abused once said: “All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash.”

newcastle grooming gang

Left to right, row by row, starting top left: Abdul Sabe, Habibur Rahim, Badrul Hussain, AbdulHamid Minoyee,  Jahanger Zaman, Monjur Choudhury, Taherul Alon,  Mohammed Ali, Nadeem Aslam, Mohammed Azram,  Yassar Hussain, Saiful Islam, Eisa Mousavi,  Prabhat Nelli, Mohibur Rahman, Nashir Uddin,  Redwan Siddquee,  Carolann Gallon




uncle pig


Abuse at Cardiff Mosque was 'almost normal eventually'


English Translation at youtube.com/watch?v=Mu3UDrtdad0 in Show more description



child sexual abuse theresa may

Javed Javed's historical letter to the Home Secretary and current Prime minister Theresa May which triggered the arrest, conviction and 13 years jail process of
paedophile Uncle Pig Haji Mohammed Sadiq of Zani Harami Mosque Cardiff and
other paedophile evils to follow


Theresa May Letter


Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Home Secretary
2 Marsham Street

Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 30 December 2015


Dear Rt Hon Home Secretary Theresa May MP


As there are Pakistani heritage Muslim Politicians, Cardiff Councilors Ali Ahmed of Labour Party & Mohammed Javed of Labour Party and Conservative Assembly Member Mohammed Asghar, so called self claimed community leaders and also Mullah's of Madina Mosque Cardiff involved in this child grooming & pedophilia complaint and some of them are known to be and also self professed & proclaimed to be very close to the South Wales Police overtly & covertly and directly or indirectly with claims like South Wales Police is in their back pocket to use at will for any evil purpose against the simple general Pakistani Muslim community including oppressing and blackmailing for political parties or personal gain, thus the reason Home Secretary to bring also direct into your kind attention & record and also for the sake of transparency & justice, I have attached self explanatory copies of my complaints to the South Wales Police for the Rochdale & Oxford style Pedophilia and Child Grooming activities in Cardiff and Madina Mosque Cardiff by the Pakistani heritage Muslims with their names so this very serious complaint of mine cannot be overlooked, put under the table or files or carpet, ignored or removed altogether from the accountability & justice system or from public eyes and to ensure that this very serious Pedophilia activities complaint is acted upon as per British Justice System to safeguard the safety, security & wellbeing of all Children of Great Britain regardless of ethnicity, colour or creed in Madressa, Mosque or elsewhere and to bring culprits to justice without fear or favour as Prime Minister said in his speech to Conservative Party Conference 2015, “ For too long, we've been so frightened of causing offence that we haven't looked hard enough at what is going on in our communities” …. “So let me say it right here: no more passive tolerance in Britain . ”

I await your acknowledgment.

Yours faithfully

Javed Javed

Editor: www.madinamosquecardiff.com

Cc: The Chief Constable South Wales Police, Peter Vaughan QPM


Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 18 December 2015


Chief Constable South Wales Police, Peter Vaughan QPM

As an editor of website, in my compiled document, “SEX IN MADINA MOSQUE CARDIFF”; these individuals are also involved in Child Grooming and Pedophilia Activities as per what they told me and what I witnessed.

I am reporting and complaining against these people with attached details for their Child Grooming and Pedophilia Activities directly or indirectly or as Helpers & Supporters in these evil activities and I expect South Wales Police to bring them to Justice. Numbers are given to activities related this complaint.

Mohammed Tariq: 56 Cyncoed Road Cardiff CF23 6BP -@ Number 1
Mohammad Javed: 84 Celyn Avenue , Lakeside, Cardiff CF23 6EQ-@ Number 8
Mohammed Afzal: 20 Bronwydd Ave , Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5JP-@Number 1& 3
Mohammed Parvaiz: 46 Hollybush Road , Cardiff , Wales CF23 6TA-@Number 2
Irfan Ul Haque: 2 Oakwood Avenue , Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 9HA-@Number 3

I make this complaint to the South Wales Police the contents of which are true to the best of my knowledge & belief and should this matter go to court, I stand by this testimony.

Yours faithfully

Javed Javed



Tariq Zani



Mohammed Tariq: 56 Cyncoed Road Cardiff CF23 6BP

I have known Mohammed Tariq aka Tariq Zani for about 10 Years. Besides others, he is one of the Directors of The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, Company Number: 06031824.

1- Once I was sitting with Mohammed Tariq in a café opposite to his Clifton Street shop having a coffee for some time. His shop worker came and said to Mohammed Tariq, boss your girls have arrived. He said, JJ, let me go and sort out those girls. He said, you can come if you want to. I said ok. I went with him in his back of shop; there were two very young white girls about 13/14 years old with school bags around their necks. He put few cans of beers and couple of packets of cigarettes & chocolates in their bags and performed Kissing & Cuddling with them and then let them go without them paying for it. I asked, Malik Saheb, what's happening. He said these school girls are my slaves for fun & sex. He said these two girls are also favorite of Mohammad Asghar AM & Councilor Ali Ahmed and whenever Asghar Saheb needs to have sex in his Cardiff hotel when he stay for a night or anywhere else, these two are provided by me as a friend. I said those were school girls and under age. He said, doesn't matter, I am safe from police through my politicians, community & police friends and they keep me protected from law.

2 - In about 2010/11 Mohammed Tariq aka Tariq Zani phoned me and said, he wanted to see me about the issue on the website about Mohammed Parvez. He said Mohammed Javed Jaco asked him to speak with JJ and do something. When I was charity trustee of Madina Mosque Cardiff, after the earthquake of Pakistan , there was issue raised with Mohammed Parvaiz Shikari about the Earthquake funds collected in the name of Madina Mosque. Because of Mosque's community's requests to know what happened with that issue, it came back on the website.

Mohammed Tariq came to pick me up from my house and took me to Mohammed Parvaiz aka Shikari's home at about 9PM. We had a long discussion with information provided by Mohammed Parvaiz Shikari. I saw Mohammed Parvaiz's wife waiting on the door for some time. When our discussion as per my understanding finished, Mohammed Tariq stood up from the settee and went to see Mohammed Parvaiz Shikari's wife, who was standing by the door. Both disappeared and Mohammed Parvaiz was showing me some photograph of earthquake and his role in providing the help from his file. After about 15/20 minutes, Mohammed Tariq came back and got out a durex from his trousers pocket and said you can have a go and she is waiting for you. I said I am sorry what do you mean. He said what you do with a durex with women? You can also have sex with her if you want. He said; Parvaiz does not mind because his is open marriage. I was thoroughly shocked and said I am very sorry and I reject this offer. After that we left Shikari house.

3 - Few year back Mohammed Tariq took me for a tea at his house after some time talking about his peer he brought a wooden carved box just like a large cigar box made with a very dark chocolate brown wood. He opened the box and inside box was dark green velvet covering something. He opened the velvet covering and there was a carved wooden penis. He took the penis out with his right hand and kissed it, touched it with both eyes and also touched it on his forehead and said this is our peer's penis and when he is not here we use it in his absence for his blessings, remembrance & fertility in family. He said, JJ, this is the penis you have heard we use and women & men of our group borrow from us to use for the sake of reward for paradise from our peer. He said his family is the keeper of this Penis and it cures everything except death. He said we suck it, we kiss it, we lick it, women take it thorough their vagina and men through their anus. I said I have heard about it and now I can see it physically with you. He said Muslim Education Society of Wales directors and affiliates use this sacred penis of our peer and especially women are very fond of it. He said Afzal Munafiq family especially loves it and surely they will go in Jannat/paradise as per our peer's saying because of the love of his penis. I was surprised & shocked to see peer's penis with him but I did not say anything because of their belief on peer and peer's penis and its miracles.

4 - On one occasion when I was coming with Mohammed Tariq from a community meeting in Newport in his car; whilst he was driving he received a call on his mobile phone. I heard him saying, I am coming. He said to me; JJ before we go for a coffee at his home he has to stop at Mohammed Parvaiz Shikari's home for fifteen minutes. I said ok. He stopped in Shikari's court yard car park and I stayed in his car. He went in Shikari house and came back after about 15/20 minutes. He said JJ; you know why I went in there. He said Shikari's wife asked for my services and Shikari was not at home. I said it's your business and from there went for a coffee at Tariq's house and afterwards he dropped me at my house.

5 - We were having a coffee at Cliftion Street coffee. Mohammed Tariq Zani was very upset about the treatment his wife got from the directors of The Muslim Welfare & Educational Society Wales.

He said Jaco [Mohammed Javed] is a bastard, he made my wife a Chairman of Umeed Group and my wife is getting all the shit from the community for it. He said Jaco Bastard used Shahnaz [his wife] for his evil political purpose. He said when time comes; he will take revenge from Jaco for it and he will not forgive Jaco. I asked him about his sexual relationships with so many women in the Madina Mosque Cardiff community. He said, JJ I am taking revenge from this community. He said when Shahnaz [his wife] was in school many so-called respectable members of the community used to use my wife for sex. He said he knows all about it because Shahnaz confessed all those who had sex with her and said, JJ there are many bustard evils in Cardiff and I know everybody and I am fucking those evil men's wives & daughters and others for revenge including daughter of GHORI WALA.

6 - In an interview requested by Tariq Zani himself for publication on Madina Mosque Cardiff web site: When I (JJ) asked Mohammed Tariq aka Tariq Zani whether it is true or false, Zulifqar and Khalid told me that you have sexual relationship with married woman called Nighat, which whole Cardiff knows; Mujahid taxi driver's wife, Javed Jaco's niece and Parvaiz Shikari's sister? Tariq Zani replied; it is true-but, why didn't Zulfiqar and Khalid tell you that I do also have same sexual relationship with one's wife and Irfan have same sexual relationship with other's wife, Nasim and Shamim, and both husband Zulfiqar and Khalid know it and both don't mind. He kept on speaking and said; they should have also told you about Mrs Yasmin Khalid Dixi; one of very close friend of both's wives who literally lives in their house and also have loose character known by many Muslims in Cardiff community. He said he will phone Irfan to confirm his relationship with Mrs Nasim Ahmed. He phoned Irfan whilst I was sitting with Tariq but phone was not answered. He phones again & again and then after couple of minutes his phone was answered and this is what Tariq said and also heard Irfan saying in Punjabi but translated here by Javed Javed;

Tariq- O Gandu! Who was fucking your arse?

I phone you many times but you didn't pick up,

JJ is sitting here and I am giving him interview,

I have told JJ I and Irfan have same relationship with Nasim and Shamim as Zulfiqar and Khalid told him that I (Tariq) have sexual relationship with Jaco's Neice Nighat Mujahid.

Tariq asked him to tell the truth on speaker so JJ can here it itself.

Irfan Gandu said I fully agree with Tariq's statement on mobile phone.

Afterwards; Tariq said, JJ, Irfan is my JIGGAR (best friend); I told him not to have sex through his back many times but he wouldn't listen. He has got cancer now because of his addiction of sex through backside.

When I asked Tariq Zani, if it is true or false that as per Zulfiqar and Khalid's brief to me; You blackmail them to follow you, otherwise you would talk evil about their females in public & Madina Mosque?

Tariq Zani replied; No I don't; they follow me with their own freewill because of pleasure service I & Irfan provide to their wives Nasim & Shamim at anytime on demand.

7 - Many a times Mohammed Tariq confessed & bragged about his sexual relationship with married women of Cardiff to me. He disclosed long list of women with whom he claimed to have sexual relationship. I remember these names of married women of Madina Mosque Cardiff.

Mrs. Nasim Ahmed, wife of Zulfiqar Ahmed [Company No: 06031824]
Mrs. Shamim Khalid, wife of Khalid Javaid [Company No: 06031824]
Mrs. Yasmin Khalid, wife of Khalid “DIXI”
Mrs. Shazia Javed, wife of Mohammed Javed Jaco [Company No: 06031824]
Mrs. Shamma Shad, wife of Saeed Shad [Cefn-Coed Road Cf23]
Mrs. Saddique (Furniture)
Mrs. Nighat Mujahid (Taxi) (Jaco's Niece) [Celyn Avenue CF23]
Mrs. Naseem Parvaiz, wife of Mohammed Parvaiz [Hollybush Road CF23



Jaco Gandu



Mohammad Javed: 84 Celyn Avenue , Lakeside, Cardiff CF23 6EQ

I have known Mohammed Javed aka Jaco since I got married in Cardiff in 1976.

Besides others, he is one of the Directors of, The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, Company Number: 06031824.

1 - There was a meeting in Mohammed Javed Jaco's house. Present were, Tahir Majid, Mr Hayat, Mahmood Hassan, Asghar Javed Ali and Javed Javed. In the middle of the meeting Mohammed Javed Jaco suddenly stopped and said to Mahmood Hassan, "Mahmood-Why are you so dirty [Pig] - Spreading false rumors". Afterwards I asked Mahmood Hassan my brother in law, why did Jaco made that comment? Mahmood Hassan confessed and said; He does not like the type of relationship Jaco developed under the disguise of collecting chanda/mosque money with his mother after the demise of his father and when I told one Mullah my friend, he said that physical touch and contact relationship between woman and non-mehram man is not allowed and it comes in the definition of Zina. From that incident seen by myself I hate Jaco. I told this incident to Parvaiz Shikari and Shikari told this to his uncle, Mohammed Javed aka Jaco, hence the reason Jaco is against me and I am against Bustard Jaco.

2 - After the death of my father in law, on one day when I (Javed Javed) visited 144 Clifton Street Cardiff , there was only one person in the shop called “ HUE ”. I went upstairs and I saw Mohammed Javed aka Jaco doing more than smooching with my Mother in Law in a sitting room. They were standing in middle of the large room and Jaco was kissing and cuddling with her and heard her clearly saying, NA KAR, NA KAR, KOI AA JAY GA (don't do, don't do, somebody will come), I was sure those were un-consensual actions or Jaco was forcing on he. Because she was not forcefully repelling him, I thought maybe she agrees with his actions. I saw and came down without them noticing it and left and did not disclose this to anybody except to my Brother-in-law Mahmood Hassan when he disclosed about Mohammed Javed aka Jaco's incident with his mother or my mother in law to me. I believe Mohammed Javed Jaco was taking advantage of my Mother-in-Law's situation after the death of her husband or my father-in-law to fulfill his sexual desires. Mohammed Javed Jaco always called my mother-in-law my sister. How many more women he calls his sisters?

3 - On one Friday before the attack to capture & control Madina Mosque by Mohammed Javed Jaco and other gang members, after one Friday prayer when I was standing inside the Mosque with others, Mohammed Javed Jaco came and held my hand and said he wants to talk to me. He took me to back room for students, he drops his shalwar lifted the shirt from the back and buttock stated showing and said” JJ, MERY MAR, MERY LEADRY DE NA MAR”- it means; JJ, have my arse but not my leadership. I was very embarrassed and came out and everybody standing asked me what happened in there. I didn't say anything and left mosque.

4 - After the Namaz-e-Jinazah of JANNA in Newport Commercial Road Mosque, I was standing outside inside the court yard of Mosque. Mohammed Javed Jaco came to me and starting telling be sobbing stories that nobody listens to him and Mohammed Tariq with others have tied the rope on his neck and they are blackmailing him and using him for their evil purposes. I said to him it all your own doing. He bended down and said JJ I told you before and say it again that you can do it in backside but don't do it to me leadership and help me. He made me very embarrassed in front of other people who were standing away. They probably did not hear him but definitely saw his poster of bending in front of me.

5 - Mr. Khan of Khan Travel of Clare Road Cardiff told me in confidence that, Jaco is a bad man. He looks around in this area for boys who can do sexing with him through his back. One Friday after a Jummah Prayer in a mosque court yard when I met Mohammad Javed Jaco and told him what Mohammed Khan of Khan Travel have informed me of your behavior. Mohammed Javed Jaco replied, JJ, Mohammed Khan belongs to Kidwai party and is asking a sexual favor from an adult person is a crime? I said, I don't know but it looks like a making a choice by an adult person. Mohammed Javed Jaco said, JJ I am a judge and know it. He said it is not crime to ask an adult to have man to man sex with consent. He said he asks only adults for sexual favors and it is not crime in the eyes of law. I was sure than that the statement Mohammed Khan made was right.

6 - When there was a Newport Mosque Problem I was called by Mr Naseem Babur to come and see him. I went to see him in his Commercial Road office, he made me a cup of coffee and we sat and he started talking about old day's and his old buddies mainly, Ghafoor Builder, Saleemi, Rehmat Ali and specially Mohammed Javed. He told me how they used to have sex and alcohol parties at Ghafoor's & Rehmat Ali's place and Mohammed Javed used to come with his wife for sex and alcohol parties. Babur said they used to have sex with Jaco's wife and Ghafoor used to also have sex through arse of Jaco and they both used to enjoy it. Mr Babur said, Jaco just wanted leadership and he was always willing to do anything for it. Whilst we were talking Mohammed Javed arrived and surprise to see us together. Babur told him that he was telling JJ about good old days, alcohol & sex. Jaco said to Babur, what have you told JJ. Babur said all we used to do. Mr Babur repeated about sex with Jaco's wife and with him in parties. Mohammed Javed said, those were young & happy days and whatever happened is in the past now. Jaco said he is not denying sex & parties and taking his wife with him for sexing but we should forget it now and bury the past very deep.

7 - I called in 2004 Mohammed Javed Jaco and Haji Mohammed Nasir Saheb at my home for reconciliation and both came and very serious matters were resolved and interim working document I was requested to construct and I made it and both agreed on it.

Before that meeting Mohammed Javed came to see me at my home to brief me about everything about Mosque and about Cardiff community with many papers and a large file including IQRA Project.

In that meeting besides other things Mohammed Javed Jaco gave me briefly his life story and specially his migration from India to Pakistan .

He said; when he was a child few years old, migrating from India to Pakistan in partition time, women of his family were raped and he was also raped through his back by Sikh's many a time in his Journey-Infect so many times that he got used to it and started enjoying it. By the time he reached Lahore in Pakistan he developed the habit of sex through his anus and kept doing it in Lahore discretely. It was difficult for him to get rid of this habit and still in this age he can enjoy it if he can find suitable person to do it to him through his back in Cardiff .

I had been briefed by others in Cardiff about persons attached with Madina Mosque, so I asked him about his relationship with Tariq Zani; Mohammad Javed confessed that Tariq is one of his sexual lover & partner in Zina in Cardiff . When asked him what about Tariq Zani's sexual relationship with your niece? Mohammad Javed said; It does not matter, in many of our people who came from East Punjab , sex with other than husband is acceptable; we don't call it Zina [adultery]. It is part of our culture & sect.

8 - In and around summer of 2005 in one afternoon whilst I was sitting in my back garden, Afzal Nabi Nephew of Jaco 1 Kestrel Close CF23 7HH, came from the side door of my back garden and shared mangos with me. I know him from the Broadway Central Mosque and PYM. After a while he started talking about his uncle Mohammed Javed aka Jaco. He said in Punjabi; Do something for my Uncle Jaco; Get him an honor, ask Hayat and Tahir also to help him get award.

Then he said come JJ and look what service I am doing for my Uncle. I went at front of my house where his black cab was parked on the road. I saw two very young white girls sitting on back seat of the cab drinking from beer can. He said this is because of uncle Jaco's order I am taking them to a hotel for his Politician friends. He said he knows these two girls very well and they are under age school girls from Rumney. He said his Uncle Jaco is old but still not stopping dealing with prostitutes & white girls and supplying them to politicians for the sake of his leadership and politics.

When I met Javed Jaco afterwards, I told him all about it and he said, Afzal Nabi was right and he told Afzal Nabi to take those girls to a hotel for politician guests. He said he has to do it for his leadership & politics as a favour. He said this is a Pakistani style politics he is doing here in Cardiff and just like Pakistan he supply girls to politicians. He also said JJ, get letter of support written by Secretary Tahir Majid for his award on the Mosque letter head and also ask Hayat to support him for his award.



Afzal Munafiq



Mohammed Afzal: 20 Bronwydd Ave , Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5JP

I have known Mohammed Afzal since about 15 years. He was in ladies clothing business called Fantasia Clothing and I myself also in ladies clothing trade.

1 - Approximately 6/7 years ago, I went to see Mohammed Afzal at his market stall in Splott Market Cardiff. Unusually he was not there. I asked a person, who have seen me many time coming and talking with Mohammed Afzal, who was looking after the stall that where is boss? He said, he is helping a customer to try some clothes in van. Van was parked next to stall. After waiting about 5 minutes I went to see in vain. Door was closed but not locked. I opened the door and there was a cloth curtain and by the curtain there was half full beer case and some empty beer can. I lifted the curtain from the side with a bar which was in vain and saw Mohammed Afzal having sex with a white very young girl on the floor of the vain. I dropped the curtain and gently closed the door of van as it was and waited for him to come out. After about 10 minutes he came out with a very young white girl who seems to me was drunk and staggering and looks like 13/14 years old. He was shocked and embarrassed to see me there. I asked him, in Punjabi language,” What's happening Afzal”? He said, “Nothing, Nothing Special”? He said, “It's a swapping system”. I give them free clothes, alcohol and cigarettes and they give me free sex. I said, that girl is seems to be under age. He said I don't see certificate of birth. He said everybody does it in market. He said young teenage girls have no money and we market traders have what those girls wants and we get what we want and there is nothing wrong with it. He said, anyway, these young sexing girls are not our Pakistani girls but white girls and they are halal (permissible) to us Pakistanis. White people fucked our country and we are fucking white girls. I was astonished with his evil thinking, explanation and justification.

2 - In about one of the month of 2005 on Friday after the Friday prayer, I was with others in mosque including Chairman Asghar Ali, Mohammed Ali Hayat and others when Asghar Ali said to Mohammed Afzal that you are a Munafiq. Mohammed Afzal said, which motherfucker is saying that. Asghar Ali said, all Cardiff is saying. Mohammed Afzal replied, which sister fucker is saying. Asghar Ali replied everybody is saying.

I was very surprised to hear the foul language in a mosque from Mohammed Afzal and this incident was published on website.

3 - Next Friday after the Munfiq calling to Mohammed Afzal by Mosque Chairman Asghar Ali, I wanted to see Mohammed Afzal after prayer. I looked around but I did not see Mohammed Afzal. Almost the entire mosque was empty. Mr Asghar Ali, Mr Ghaffar, Mr Khaliq, Haji Sadiq, Mr Nashter and few others were talking together and I believe a person named Mr Awan, (AZAN person) was standing alone and putting his shoes on and looks like he was going himself. I asked the AZAN person if he had seen Afzal. He said he knows where he is but you should not see him what he is doing upstairs in small mosque which is used for general prayer. I said why? He said he has a bad habit of sexing with boys and go and see if you do not believe. I went upstairs quietly and saw Mohammed Afzal sexing with a very young child boy on the prayer rug. Boy was bent and holding the chair with shalwar/trousers down and buttock naked and Afzal's shalwar/trouser was down and his shirt was lifted and held by his teeth and I saw clearly Afzal holding his erected penis in his right hand rubbing against boy's anus. I came down; AZAN person was waiting there and he asked me, have you seen it with your own eyes? I said yes. He said please do not tell anybody this mosque has already bad reputation and with this it will definitely be closed down. He begged me to keep it secret for the sake of other Muslims & Madina Mosque.

4 - After the Splott Market incident Mohammed Afzal became free and opened with me. He explained me what his sect believes in and what his culture is. One thing astonished me was when he explained free sex deep rooted in his sect & culture. He said in their system one brother can marry a girl and all brothers can have sex with her. He said even his father can have sex with their wives and they do not class it to be a sin, Zina or adultery. He said his brother has sex with his wife when needed and I have sex with his wife when needed especial in menstruating cycle. I said isn't this incestuous relationship? He said there is no ban on sex in his family with anybody in family regardless who she is and who he is. I asked him what about sexing with daughter & mother? He said rule is same and there is no shame in sexing with anybody in family and it is like super glue which binds the family together. He said sex in his sect & culture is exactly as Abdul Rahman Mujahid of Newport , Haji Mohammed Saddiq, father in law of Mohammed Tariq and Mohammed Javed Jaco.

5 - In around 2009/2010 Mohammed Afzal with another person, whom I knew from Madina Mosque, came to see at my residence without informing me. They both sat and discussed various issue of Mosque and evil doings of Mohammed Javed aka Jaco & others. Mohammed Afzal started talking about Peeri Murddi in their sect & culture and Worshipping of Penis of Peer. He said JJ, you have our Peer's Penis video on your website and everybody is watching it and getting to know about it. Mohammed Afzal said, you know Peer's are our gods in different shapes & forms but we don't want everybody to know about it and we don't want them to know what we do with Peer's Penis in Madina Mosque otherwise they would not give us donation to build new mosque. He admitted that when their Living Peer is not around for sex with them than they use Wooden Penis of Peer including their women and have sex acts with it for a reward of Jannat and there is nothing wrong according to their sect and custom. I said, I have seen one Wooden Penis of Peer which was shown to me by Mohammed Tariq and he agreed that that is the Penis which everybody use in their sect and it is supposed to be very secret & sacred and Mohammed Tariq should not have shown it to you as an outsider. He said we do not deny what you have written and showing through video about Peer's Penis and our worshipping it but we don't want everybody to know about it. I asked him how many people are involved in this sex cult & Peer's Penis System. Mohammed Afzal said all persons in The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales and many of their directly and indirectly affiliates & sympathizers including myself. I told them that public or Muslims have right to know about you before they part with their money as donations to you. I told him if you do not want people to know what you do and your sect & customs and ask donations for the sake of a Mosque than it is a fraud and you would be deceiving Muslims. He said may be it is fraud but we don't want you to reveal our sect's custom & practice otherwise we will not get donations. I said, I am sorry but I have to do it in the Public Interest and public must know about you before they give you donations. I said, public & Muslims have right to know. I said you must tell Muslims what you are and what your practices are and then you can ask them for donations and not by hiding what you are and ask donations on false pretense. I said I have to do what I am doing without fear or favor. Both were not happy with my reply and gave me a veiled threat by saying that they will be doing whatever they could with any means & resource possible to stop me exposing their sect & customs in Madina Mosque and they both left.

6 - When Haji Nasir was alive, there was one meeting in which Haji Nasir boasted about his son, that he is the most cleaver person in Cardiff . Many committee members were sitting there, including myself (Javed Javed). I was trying to sort out some Mosque issues, so I used to go and see him frequently. On one occasion he said to me, my son is actually a KHAR DAMAG (Donkey Brain). He does not know anything. Wisdom cannot be bought with money. He said, JJ, in one meeting I said, my son is clever because he was also sitting there and I wanted to encourage him to be a man. Haji Nasir said, JJ, my son is so stupid that Mohammed Tariq and Mohammed Afzal are smelling my daughter-in-law's shalwar/trousers but KUGGO (stupid) does not know or understand it. This is how stupid is my son. If he was so clever I would not be asking you and others to help me in the control of the Madina Mosque. I was very surprised to hear from Haji Nasir about his son & his wife and Mohammed Afazal and Mohammed Tariq's relationship with her.




Parvaiz Shikari



Mohammed Parvaiz: 46 Hollybush Road , Cardiff , Wales CF23 6TA

I have known Mohammed Parvaiz aka Shikari (Shikari means Hunter or Prostitute Hunter) since 70's after my marriage in Cardiff . He is a Nephew of Mohammed Javed aka Jaco, a Labour Councillor of Cardiff Council and a brother of Nighat.

My Brother-in law Mahmood Hassan, my self Javed Javed (JJ) and Mohammed Parvaiz used to be very close friends in 70s and 80s. Infect such close friends that when Mohammed Parvaiz used to go for sexing with prostitutes, he used to take us with him for to see ‘fun'. We used to go frequently for take away and mostly burgers and Mohammed Parvaiz never used to have money with him for food and we used to pay for him.

1- On one occasion when Mohammed Parvaiz went for sex with prostitutes, he took us (JJ & MH) with him and apparently had no money to give to prostitute and asked us for money. We refused to lend hem money for this purpose and after refusal he surprised us when he took out money from his socks to pay for the services of prostitute in car.

2- Once about in 2005 before I was invited in to join Madina Mosque Cardiff Committee, I went to see Mohammed Parvaiz at his Carpet Warehouse in Clifton Street Cardiff because he called me and said he has some very important documents for me. It was just about noon time.

I went in warehouse and Mohammed Parvaiz was not there on the counter. One young white girl about 13/14 years old was sitting behind the table. I asked her, where is boss. She said, are you Tariq? I said no, I am JJ. There was about half of case of beer next to her chair on the floor. She said, boss is busy behind the shop and will be coming soon. She had one open can of beer on the floor next to chair. She said; you wait here. I stood there for about five minutes, in that time she was drinking from the beer can, and then I saw Mohammed Parvaiz coming from the back of his warehouse with open front zip of his trousers with one young white girl about the age of 13/14, who looks like drunk to me and walking with difficulty and she was wearing a very short mini skirt and holding a can of beer.

Mohammed Parvaiz was very embarrassed when he saw me. I asked him in Punjabi language, what were you doing with this under age drunk girl. He said she just wanted to have sex with me and she consented for it. He said, I gave her beer and she gave me fanny. He said these two girls are not prostitutes but school girls and like to have beer and cigarettes from me, and that's what I provide to them for sex and cuddle and sometime ride in my car. He said if you want to have a go you can. I decline the evil offer. I told him to close-up his trousers zip which he did laughingly. I said you can be in very serious trouble for this. He said JJ, don't worry, his uncle is with police and he saved him many time.

Afterwards, he provided me the copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Madina Mosque Cardiff from the draw and I left his place.

3 - Once I visited Mohammed Parvaiz at his warehouse we starting talking about his life and he confessed many things and he said, you can publish it on the website if you want to and he does not care. Here are brief confessions made to me.

As per Mohammed Parvaiz own confession; He has been a prostitute hunter most of his life and used to have sex-Zina even with his cousin, Jaco's niece, to whom he used to call his sister. He confessed that he is proud to be a bigamist, married with this cousin [Afzal Nabi aka M4's Sister] whilst he was still married to other cousin who is also Mohammed Javed aka Jaco's neice.

According to Mohammed Parvaiz when he used to visit Jaco's neice, Afzal Nabi aka Dalla taxi driver's sister for pleasure or zina; He used to give £50 to Afzal Nabi to keep quiet, keep a watch whilst they were in action and to keep it secret afterwards.

Mohammed Parvaiz also confessed and said; Jaco encouraged me to have relationship with Nasim [Jaco's niece, Afzal Nabi's sister]. When I refused to give him money which he demanded and did not stop competing with him ladies fashion trade – He started opposing my relationship with Nasim and even banned me from Madina Mosque with the help of other bastards.

4 - I asked him how Mohammed Javed Jaco let you come back in Madina Mosque after banning you.

Mohammed Parvaiz said, that he told Jaco that he will tell outside people that he have sexual relationship with my mother, as you know JJ she is Jaco's sister, and Jaco begged me and said don't do it; and this is how he let me in Madina Mosque again. I asked him is it true that he had sexual relationship with your mother? He said, JJ, do you think I am lying? I said OK I got the answer.

He said, JJ, his marriage is an open marriage and both he and his wife can have consensual sex with anybody they like especially with friends. That's why I go with prostitutes and my wife knows it and does not say anything. Only restriction we put on open sex is that not to get anybody pregnant or wife to get pregnant by anybody other than husband.

He explained me in detail, how he ran away with his current wife with the help of Mahmood Hassan and that's how his wife sharing with Mahmood Hassan started.

5 - When I Javed Javed was in Madina Mosque Committee, Mohammed Parveiz requested me and other committee members to help him to stop Mohammad Tariq of Cardiff having sexual relationship with his married sister Nighat, wife of taxi driver husband Mujahid.

6 - In 2015 before his complaint against me to the police, I was walking past the BINGO HALL on city road Cardiff . I saw Mohammed Parvaiz standing there and looking at bingo hall. After Hello, Hello, I asked him what are you doing here. He said he came to sort out some issue of SANNA SILK. I asked him, why are you staring at bingo hall? Are you planning to do something? I asked him what happened to the Splott Bingo Hall. I also said I have heard from a very reliable source that, you have done Pakistani Lightening, just like Jewish lightning used to be. He asked me many a time, who told you JJ? I told him many a time that you should know who could now it and who could have told me who could have access to your very secret information. Than, he said, OK JJ since you know it I will tell you the truth. He said, yes I was involved in Pakistani Lightening - it's my bastard uncle Jaco who encouraged me - Mamoon Jan told me - Do it and get insurance money and share that money with them for the help he will provide to defraud insurance company. He said, as you know JJ, he is a councilor and with the help of Ali Ahmed councilor he could have helped me a lot and to get flats permission. He said, Mohammed Javed Jaco told him he would get extra flats permission with the help of Ali Ahmed councilor and you must pay the extra profit to Ali Ahmed and him. He said, Mohammed Javed Jaco told him if after fire any problem with police; he and Ali Ahmed would look after it and sort out any problem with police. Mohammed Javed Jaco told me he would get me good reports from Ali Ahmed and other councilors to get insurance money.

Mohammed Parvaiz Shikary said, Up till now this insurance case is not resolved and no money is coming and I have lost lot of money and looks like that Mamoon Jan (Mohammed Javed Jaco) has cheated me.

I said to him, what are you doing at SANNA SILK Cardiff ? He said, he came to help Arif's sister about some property and financial issues.

I said, what's to do with you Arif's sister's issue? He said he just wants to help her. I said-No, you are hiding something. I told him tell me the truth. Why have you involved in Sanna Silk's issue?

He wanted to go and asked me again and again, let me go and see you later. I said, hang on a minute, I will tell you why I am asking. I said, Arif came with her sister once to buy my shop and disclosed to me something very serious. Mohammed Parvazi asked me, what was that?

I said to him that Arif told me that JJ, your friend have got sexual relationship with her sister and Shikari is after her money and Shikari thinks I don't know about it. Arif said to me, Shikari is bastard- He said when he told Shikari to stop relationship with her sister and you know what Shikari said? Arif told me that Shikari said,if I am having sexual relationship with your sister than you can have sexual relationship with his wife and sister and no hard feeling and that's what I did with his wife and sister.

Shikari thought for a while and than said-Yes JJ, Arif told you truth about me relationship with her sister and his sexing with my wife and sister which I arranged for him.

Shikari said, JJ, Arif is dead now and I am with his sister now dealing with her money and properties and nobody can do anything and she consented for it.

After this Shikari said, JJ, I must leave and see you sometime if you need further information about the fire.



Irfan Shaitan



Irfan Ul Haque: 2 Oakwood Avenue , Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 9HA

I have known Irfan-Ul-Haque aka Shetan since about 2004 from the Madina Mosque Cardiff. Besides others, he is also one of the Directors of, The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, Company Number: 06031824.

1 - Just before the court case about land issue of Madina Mosque in London , I was invited to the meeting in Zulfiqar Ahmed's house who is also one of the Directors of, The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, Company Number: 06031824.

Before the meeting in the evening I was coming from my walk from the park next to Zulfiqar's house. Since Zulfiqar's wife is my wife's sister, I thought I just visit them before I proceed to my house.

Main door of the house was not locked but closed but not fully, I went in and gently closed the door. There was loud Pakistan music on. Door of the first room on the left was not fully closed but a jar and I clearly see standing in front of windows Irfan-ul-Haque standing with his shalwar/trousers down and Zulfiqar Ahmed's wife Nasim Ahmed sucking his penis. I was shocked and instead of going back I went to next room to wait till they finish their business. When I opened the door of next room I saw there Irfan ul Haque's wife Nasrren on the floor without shalwar/trousers and Zulfiqar Ahmed also without shalwar/trousers sexing with her and Zulfiqar Ahmed saw me when I opened the door. I was shocked and disgusted and I saw Irfan-ul-Haq saw me going out through slightly open door of his room. I got out the house and closed the main door. When I was near the bus stop on the main road about 30 yards away from their house some body was shouting JJ, O JJ, I looked back and that was Irfan-ul-Haque. He was telling me stop, stop. I stopped and he came close to me, he looked very embarrassed and he said to me, JJ, what you have seen if you tell anybody or put it on your web site than I will kill you. He said, all directors do sexing with each other's wives discretely to keep close relations and unity in the community. There is nothing wrong with consensual sex between adults. You have been warned and informed. He said JJ, why didn't you ring the bell? I said door was already open and there was no need for me to ring bell and what I have seen no body would expect it between two married men sexing with each other's wives.

When I attended the meeting of the directors after at the same house, everybody was looking at me if something has happened. They did not say anything but Mohammed Javed Jaco said, JJ, we have to do lots of things which are secret and if you know any, you should not disclose it to others otherwise many things could happen to you. And he said, JJ, since you know few of our secrets, you are welcome to join our club if you want to but must keep everything secret. I said thank you for your offer but no thanks.

2 - In Newport Church Hall meeting in 29.01.12 called by Abdul Rehman Mujahid of the Chairman of, The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, and besides others it was attended by Mohammed Javed Jaco, Mohammed Safdar, Mohammed Tariq, Mohammed Rafiq and Irfan-ul-Haque. I was there also. After the meeting in the halls Irfan-ul-Haque approached me and said to me, JJ, I know Mohammed Tariq called me GANDU whilst you were there with him. He said, let me tell you the truth JJ, Mohammed Tariq was right, I do enjoy it from my back since I was a child in my village and especially from Mosque Mullah's and Peer. But, JJ you should mind your own business. For me it was enough that he has accepted & confirmed that he is a Gandu.

3 - In same Church Hall meeting in Newport ; after the meeting when every body started mingling, one person approached me and pointed towards Irfan-ul-Haque & another person sitting with him and said, those are big drug dealers and school girls suppliers for sex in Pakistani community in Newport . I told him that I know one of them but I didn't know he was a school girls supplier for sex and a drug dealer. I was very surprised and astonished. I saw Irfan-ul-Haque coming towards me; I asked him if he is drug dealer and a school girls supplying trade for sex? He said, JJ, leaves me alone. I asked him again than he said, what's to do with you. I said Newport people seem to know you what you are doing from Cardiff to Newport . Irfan-ul-Haque said, yes I do both trades and I also use school girls for pleasure & sex personally and with Mohammed Tariq and if you want to write about it on your web site than go ahead and do it but remember I have got Uncle Jaco and other people to save me from Police.




Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 27 December 2015


This is an extension of complaint which I made on 18/12/2015

Chief Constable South Wales Police, Peter Vaughan QPM

As an editor of Madina Mosque Cardiff Website and one of the trustee of Madina Mosque Cardiff, together with another Madina Mosque Cardiff trustee in a year approximately 2006 had a meeting in one of the coffee house on Albany Road Cardiff in one afternoon with the prominent deeply respected & admired Muslim community helper & worker and a unique lady called Shahien Taj OBE, who is The Chair of the Henna Foundation.

After Shahien Taj OBE explained her role for the benefit of the Muslim community and her difficulties with few persons blocking her way, she reached on very serious issue of Madina Mosque Cardiff.

Shahien Taj OBE said; she has received many complaints from the mothers of the effected children in Madina Mosque Cardiff who have been subjected to child abuse/child sex abuse in Madina Mosque Cardiff by the people of Mosque.

Shahien Taj OBE said; she complained to Mohammed Javed aka Jaco and Asghar Javed Ali of Madina Mosque Cardiff about child abuse in mosque but both of them rebuked her and said that this issue is nothing to do with her.

Shahien Taj OBE said; both Mohammed Javed Jaco and Asghar Ali told her to keep away from the Madina Mosque Cardiff and whatever is happening there they know it and she has no right to interfere in the running of the mosque or bring complaints from the parents instead of parents coming direct to them and both stated that there is no child abuse/child sex abuse in their mosque.

Shahien Taj OBE said; she was very upset for the answers & rebuke received from Mohammed Javed Jaco and Asghar Javed Ali and very concerned for the safety, security and wellbeing of children in Madina Mosque Cardiff and she believe many mothers are not lying but Mohammed Javed Jaco and Asghar Ali and covering it up.

I was not surprised or shocked to hear from Shahien Taj OBE because I hade been fully and comprehensively briefed by this very serious evil issue of Madina Mosque Cardiff and about those who were actively participating in it and also those who were actively & passively hiding and suppressing it from the eyes of the general worshippers of Madina Mosque, public, police and other authorities by the prominent members of the Madina Mosque Cardiff, Munsaf Khan, Choudhry Abdul Ghaffar, Haji Allah Ditta and Haji Awan.

I am listing here only the main prominent participants in child abuse/child sex abuse and their helper & supports and those who were covering up the evil issue as per my personal experience and especially briefed & told by the prominent members of the Madina Mosque in Madina Mosque Cardiff such as but not all, Munsaf Khan, Choudhry Abdul Ghaffar, Haji Allah Ditta and Haji Awan.

Mohammed Javed aka Jaco
Asghar Javed Ali
Mullah Nashtar
Mullah Haji Mohammed Sadiqu
Abdul Khaliq
M R Shad
Mohammed Afzal
Mohammed Tariq

Please Note My Testimony @ (3):


Mohammed Afzal: 20 Bronwydd Ave , Penylan, Cardiff CF23 5JP

Please also Note:

As per "Crimes of the Community" Book, a person from Madina Mosque,

"Haji Mohammed Sadiq was arrested recently for indecently assaulting children"


I make this information and complaint to the South Wales Police the contents of which are true to the best of my knowledge & belief and should this matter go to court, I stand by this testimony.

Yours faithfully

Javed Javed






Chief Constable
South Wales Police
Peter Vaughan QPM

Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 18 January 2016



This is an extension of complaint which I made on 18/12/2015 to the South Wales Police with regards to Child Grooming & Pedophilia Activities in Madina Mosque Cardiff



ABDUL REHMAN MUJAHID OF 15 Methuen Road Newport NP19 OBN ,

MOHAMMAD ASGHAR AM (Oscar) of 78 Western Avenue Newport NP20 3QZ & MOHAMMED TARIQ OF 56 Cyncoed Road Cardiff CF23 6BP



Abdul Rehman Mujahid

Mohammed Asghar AM

Mohammed Javed Councillor

Ali Ahmed Councillor

Mohammed Tariq

Asghar Javed Ali

Mohammed Afzal

Mohammed Parvaiz



I Javed Javed (JJ) have known Abdul Rehman Mujahid a Mullah of Newport Mosque, for many years, mainly indirectly and came to know him well from 2005 through his attachment with Madina Mosque Cardiff. He is Chairman & one of the Directors of The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, Company Number: 06031824 of which Mohammed Javed Councilor is Secretary. Abdul Rehman Mujahid is also an executive member of so-called Muslim Council of Wales with Salim Kidwai of Dar-ul-Isra Mosque Cardiff which is a part of Jamat-e-Islami or Moududi Sect or Party whose book have been banned in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and also supporter of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. Abdul Rehman Mujahid is self confessed Mujahideen in High Court case number 2CF 93205. He is directly involved in Madina Mosque Cardiff's problems, disputes and ultimately destruction.

I had heard about Mohammed Asghar before he became an AM as an accountant or a book keeper for Mian Abdul Rashid of Newport for many years mainly indirectly and came to know about him after he became an AM with lots of his stories before and after becoming an AM from Mr. Babur, Mr Ghafoor, Mr. Rehmat Ali, Mr Saleemi and other prominent members of the Newport Muslim community.

This meeting was arranged & requested by Mohammed Tariq with the promise taken from me to keep it Secret and Confidential and for me to evaluate if I can become their Group Member. It was an offer & request to me to become part of what they called their Political & Religious Group.

In one evening about 10pm when I rang the bell of Mohammed Tariq house to attend this special meeting as promised, Mohammed Tariq himself opened the door and led me to the back room. Sitting together were Abdul Rehman Mujahid and Mohammed Asghar AM on one sofa and table in front of them with tea pot & cups & saucers and two alcohol bottles with glasses and ice cubes. There were Samosa's on a plate and some kind of fried meat on another plate. Mohammed Tariq asked me for tea or whiskey, I said, I don't drink alcohol. He made me a cup of tea. He pointed his finger towards a small chunks of white/pink fried meat on the plate and said, these are specially fried Swine Testicles made by him which are favorite of Mohammed Asghar Conservative AM and Ali Ahmed which they both have with alcohol before sex with girls and said this is good for sustaining hard penis erection. Mohammed Asghar smiled as he was drinking alcohol and seemed to me like a half drunk. Mohammed Tariq and Abdul Rehman Mujahid were drinking from tea cups.

In the course of this meeting many statements were made by Abdul Rehman Mujahid, Mohammed Tariq and Mohammed Asghar AM. All the statements which were made by Abdul Rehman Mujahid; Mohammed Asghar AM and Mohammed Tariq agreed without any second thought or hesitation and the same way Abdul Rehman Mujahid agreed with any statement others made. Almost all meeting was in Punjabi language which I have translated faithfully in English.

Here are the main statements made as per my recollection.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that the statement Mohammed Tariq made to me some time ago about Abdul Rehman Mujahid and Mohammed Tariq's father-in-law Mohammed Saddiq about sex with 9 years old virgin girls in Pakistan was true because their religion and sect Aashiq-e-Rasool allow it and for the sake of Love of Muhammad (S) they have to do it without hesitation otherwise they are not really the lovers of Muhammad (S). He said this is their teaching also in their Mosques and Madressas including Madina Mosque Cardiff to have sex with virgin 9 to 13 years old girls which is as per their Islam is Halal or permitted anywhere in the world. He said, since Shia, Deobandi and Wahabi's are non-Muslims, they prefer to do sex with their girls as non-Muslim slaves which is a good rewarding deed.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that UK is DAR-UL-HARB or a Place of War as per his Hanafi Fiqh and no Islamic moral or law applies here on them because they are in a state of war with non-Muslims like Shia, Wahabis, Deobandi, Christians, Jews and Marzais or any other person besides those who belongs with their group, religion or sect and they have Islamic right to sex with enemy's women without distinction of age or of any age, as their slave women in a state of war in UK.



Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that UK is DAR-UL-HARB for them so Sex & Under-age Sex, Interest, Gambling, Swine and Alcohol or anything forbidden in Islam legally or morally are allowed for them in UK . They are Aashiq-e-Rasool, Naji or Saved Sect, therefore no Islamic law applies on them and they can do whatever they want to do, forbidden or not, and told me that Islam is only Love of Muhammad (S) and nothing else and all their actions which may be evil to others, are permitted and they will go in Paradise because they do not do any sin and everything is permitted for them as Muslims and Aashiq-e-Rasool. For example, they can have sex with their mothers, daughters and sisters. Their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives can have sex with anybody. Men and women can have anal sex. Swine, alcohol, Interest, gambling are allowed for them. Fraud, theft, lying, deception and other immoral or un-lawful things for others are allowed for them as Aashiq-e-Rasool. They are free from sin because they are Aashiq-e-Rasool. Namaz, Fasting, Hajj are not even compulsory for them. They can have pleasure and sex with any female and does not matter any age, from even three years old upwards. No Islamic Law applies on them because they are Aashiq-e-Rasool and guaranteed to go in paradise as per Prophet Muhammad (S) and shall get guaranteed virgin hoors because of Love for Muhammad (S). Their Peer is their god in this world and they obey him for anything he says or ask them to do including sexing with their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, men and boys.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that their Peer's are gods and they do not die; they live over the land or under the land.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that group members share everything including their females for sex for love and close strong relationship. Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that as a Chairman of this group or as their peer he had sex with many group member's mothers, daughters, sisters and wives but he is getting old now and getting very selective. We all laughed.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that UK is DAR-UL-HARB or Place of War for them; Christians & other religions young girls, under-teen & teenage are permitted, HALAL and lawful for them as sex slaves for pleasure as per their Islam.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that they collect money from Mosques to spend in UK and Pakistan against other sects; Shia, Deobandi and Wahabi or Kafirs with any violent and non-violent means at their disposal without any mercy.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that besides Directors of The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, Company Number: 06031824 ; Salim Kidwai of Muslim Council of Wales, Ali Ahmed from Bangladesh, Mohammed Afzal Fantasia, Asghar Ali Moju, Mohammed Parvaiz, Mahmood Hassan, Abdul Khaliq, Farooq Ahmed Khalid, Mullah Nashtar and M R Shad are their very special hidden & trusted group members.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that all Pakistani heritage Alcohol Dealers in Newport, Cardiff and surrounding areas are their members and follow his sect's rules and all group or sect members support each other financially and with any other legal or illegal means whenever & wherever needed for the sake of their sect including bribing officials, police & politicians with any means including money and sex with very young Pakistani girls from Madrassa and also married women, lying on oath in court or anywhere else which they do not regard as lying but an honorable service towards their sect & members.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that nobody can become a member of his & Haji Mohammed Saddiq's sect unless that person sex with 9 to 13 Years old virgin girl and preferably white girl which is supplied by their group members and witnessed by at least two sect members with the induction fee of £2,000 cash.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that they get young white girls for sex through Pakistani drug dealers, grocery shops with alcohol, restaurants & takeaways owned by Pakistani Muslims of their sect and through Pakistani heritage taxi drivers .

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that in their Mosques and especially Madina Mosque Cardiff, sexing with boys and girls is normal. When Mohammed Javed aka Jaco and Asghar Javed Ali aka Moju were Chairman and Vice Chairman of Cardiff Police Committee, they helped and suppressed many reports & complaints of sexing in Madina Mosque and he also told me that both were and still are best members to help & save members of their group from police enquiries and arrests, if caught.

Abdul Rehman Mujahid told me that in their Mosques & Madrassas including Madina Mosque Cardiff besides Mullah's they also use women, especially director's wives to harvest young under teen and teenage Pakistani girls for sexing and also teach them under age sexing as per their sect & group when they go for learning Qur'an.

Directors of The Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales , Company Number: 06031824

Mr Abdul Rehman Mujahid: 15 Methuen Road , Newport , NP19 0BN
Mr Hamayun Mohammed Nasser: 146 Cyncoed Road , Cyncoed, Cardiff , CF23 6BN
Mr Irfan Ul Haque: 2 Oakwood Avenue , Cyncoed, Cardiff , CF23 9HA
Mr Khalid Javaid: 224 King George V Drive East , Cardiff , CF14 4ER
Mr Mohammad Javed: 84 Celyn Avenue , Cyncoed, Cardiff , CF23 6EQ
Mr Mohammed Rafiq: 52 Hollybush Road , Cyncoed, Cardiff , CF23 6TA
Mr Mohammed Sadeek: 12 St Edeyrns Close, Cyncoed, Cardiff , CF23 6TH
Mr Mohammed Safdar: 94 Llanderyn Road , Cardiff , CF23 9DZ
Mr Mohammed Tariq: 56 Cyncoed Road Cardiff , CF23 6BP
Mr Zulifqar Ahmed: 4 Llandennis Road , Cyncoed, Cardiff , CF23 6EF

Whilst Abdul Rehman Mujahid was explaining things, one of Mohammed Tariq's mobile phone on the table rang and he answered and said OK and door bell rang and he said they have arrived and got up and went outside the room. He came back and Mohammed Asghar AM asked him; where are they? He said in front room. Mohammed Asghar AM took his glass and one full alcohol bottle with him and went outside and closed the door. I didn't know what was happening. We just started talking about the problems of Newport Mosque. After about 10/15 minutes, Mohammed Asghar AM came back without whisky bottle and his shirt was out of his trousers and he was smiling and said, Mujahid Sahib you can also have a fun & sex today. You are allowed as Aashiq-e-Rasool. Mohammed Asghar emptied Abdul Rehman Mujahid's cup and poured alcohol in it and told him to drink and go, they are waiting and ready. Abdul Rehman Mujahid looked at me and Mohammed Tariq said to him don't worry, JJ will not tell anybody. Abdul Rehman Mujahid hesitated a bit and than encouraged by Mohammed Asghar AM, he drank a full cup of alcohol at one go and said, YA PEER DASTGHEER and got up and went in next room. He came back after about fifteen minutes and collapsed on the settee and started snoring.

Mohammed Tariq asked me to go into next room as others but I refused.

Mohammed Tariq's phone rang again and he told somebody on other end, who else were sitting with him in the room. Afterwards Tariq said, Ali Ahmed is not coming in because JJ is here with us and he wants to take his girl and go. Mohammed Asghar AM said OK. Mohammed Tariq told me to stay here with Abdul Rehman Mujahid till he come back after dropping Mohammed Asghar AM. I said no and went out in corridor with them. He opened the next room's door and two very young white girls about 13/14 years old came out wearing red mini dresses and I believe they were the same white girls I saw in Mohammed Tariq's Shop to whom he gave free beer, cigarettes and chocolate and told me those are favorite of Mohammed Asghar AM and Ali Ahmed. One girl started cuddling with Mohammed Asghar and other started kissing Mohammed Tariq. Both white young girls looked drunk to me.

Mohammed Tariq opened the front door, we went out and I saw Ali Ahmed in a car. One girl went with Ali Ahmed in his car. Mohammed Tariq told me that he is going to drop Mohammed Asghar AM in a hotel and other girl went with Mohammed Tariq and Mohammed Asghar AM in Mohammed Tariq's car.

Next day I told Mohammed Tariq that I will not become their Political & Religious Group's member in any shape or form even without paying £2,000 as I was offered.

I make this information and complaint to the South Wales Police the contents of which are true to the best of my knowledge & belief and should this matter go to court, I stand by this testimony.


Javed Javed




Parvaiz Shikari Bhenchod



This is a Statement of Truth of Javed Javed, 05 June 2017, currently correspondence address of ** ***** ***** Cardiff, Mobile Phone 07970 552833, Ex Charity Trustee appointed by the Charity Commission, regarding why Mohammed Parveiz aka Shikari Bhenchod : 46 Hollybush Road, Cardiff, Wales CF23 6TA is called Shikari Bhenchod, in English sister shagger or who have Incestual relationship with sister; for the sake of justice, clarity and truth in public interest.

For the South Wales Police; This document is a part of my crime complaint document called “ SEX IN MADINA MOSQUE CARDIFF”, and this should be attached with report of Mohammed Parvaiz: 46 Hollybush Road, Cardiff, Wales CF23 6TA, reported to Chief Constable South Wales Police Mr Peter Vaughan on 18 th December 2015 and again to South Wales Police by Javed Javed, Inc 681 27/12/15 1500476053, which was also reported to the Rt Hon Home Secretary Theresa May on 30/12/2015 (letter copy is attached with this document) and currently being investigated by The Major Crime Investigation Team based in Port Talbot as per Hand Delivered letter to me on April 23 rd 2016 by South Wales Police to inform me of start of investigation.

I had been informed in 80s by one of Mohammed Parvaiz's cousin and my friend at that time about his sexual relationship with his own younger sister called “TAB”. On many occasions when he used to ask me about HARAM and HALAL in Islam especially about Alcohol and Swine; I used to ask him about his sexual problem. One day in a burger shop at Crwys Road Cardiff when burgers were being prepared he relented and explained that he used to have very strong and uncontrollable urges of sex since teenage and had to satisfy uncontrolled urges by sexing with his own younger sister “TAB” at home and it was found out by his mother but which “TAB” did not tell because she was Mental. He said if alcohol is halal for medical purpose than I sexed with my sister as medical purpose for the benefit of it and not as a sin & zina and it is allowed as alcohol is allowed as medicine because it was helping me and used durex so no physical contact and it is allowed in his sect of Islam as this was told by mullah/Imam to him. He said he knows who informed you about it. He said that is my family member bastard Afzal Khota [Afzal Nabi]. He said, after it was found out that he was sexing with sister he was allowed by his both parents for his mental medical reason to stop his fits and keep him calm to go for sex with prostitutes to keep him away from sister and keep him happy before marriage and he got used to it and kept performing sex with anybody he found easily and especially young school girls and prostitutes from Bute street. He also mentioned his FITS problem which might have affected his brain and he said he was not responsible for his actions because of his condition with mental illness.

Mohammed Parvaiz has adopted a girl which many believes he himself is a biological father and because of his sexing history many fear that girl is not safe from sexual exploitation by him.

I believe the facts stated in this Statement of Truth are true.

Javed Javed Date: 05 June 2017





A letter from the 'Muslim Wellwishers Group'

Cardiff-based community group's circular which went to more than 1,250 Pakistani Muslim homes in Cardiff, according to Shahen Taj, the director  of the Henna Foundation in the city. The document appears to have been  sent with the aim of discouraging individuals and families from acting in ways which the community believes to be immoral. The following text  appears with its original spelling and punctuation.




This is a Statement of Truth of Javed Javed, 26 May 2017, currently correspondence address of ** ***** ***** Cardiff, Mobile Phone 07970 552833, Ex Charity Trustee appointed by the Charity Commission, regarding “Muslim Wellwishers Group” Letter, to answer, who wrote it & who distributed it, the letter which is also published in a book called “Crimes of the Community”, Honour-Based Violence in the UK by James Brandon and Salam Hafez, a copy of which is attached with this Statement of Truth and it is an integral part of this Statement of Truth for the sake of justice, clarity and truth in public interest.

For the South Wales Police; This document is a part of my crime complaint document called “ SEX IN MADINA MOSQUE CARDIFF”, reported to Chief Constable South Wales Police Mr Peter Vaughan on 18 th December 2015 and again to South Wales Police by Javed Javed, Inc 681 27/12/15 1500476053, which was also reported to the Rt Hon Home Secretary Theresa May on 30/12/2015 of which a letter copy is attached with this document and currently being investigated by The Major Crime Investigation Team based in Port Talbot as per Hand Delivered letter to me on April 23 rd 2016 by South Wales Police to inform me of start of investigation.

After a week or two of “Muslim Wellwishers Group” Letter with heading PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL to Cardiff Muslim community which I also received; Meeting was called about the dirty public letter about Nadeem Majid of M&M Solicitors as I was informed circulated in Cardiff Muslim community and especially in Madina Mosque Cardiff community.

When I arrived in the meeting at Nadeem Majid's residence at 56 Ty-Draw Road Cardiff; Present were in the room, M A Hayat, Choudhry Ghaffar, Taher Majid (Madina Mosque Cardiff Secretary), Nadeem Majid of M&M solicitors, Anjum Jaleel, Mohammad Nawaz aka Kaloo and Liberal Cardiff Councilor & Cardiff Madina Mosque Chairman Asghar Javed Ali [Madina Mosque Treasurer Haji Mohammed or Mohammed Haji Sadiq/sadeek/sadique arrested for child sex offences or paedophilia activities in Madina Mosque Cardiff and for trial in Cardiff Crown Court on June 5th 2017]. They were all near finishing their tea. It was clear to me at the time that those present came much earlier than myself. Nadeem Majid brought me a cup & saucer for tea.

Venomous and full of hate, sexually explicit content of a public letter were disclosed by Taher Majid Secretary of Madina Mosque which were not only about the pre-marriage sexual or zina life of Nadeem Majid and his wife but also about Nadeem's sister and sister-in-law and it was disclosed that it was written & sent by Mohammad Tariq of Talagand.

When Choudhry Ghaffar was to go from the meeting, he got up and said JJ come here a bit I wants to say something to you or speak to you, I got up and went to listen to him, Nadeem Majid also came and stood next to him to listen what he was going to say to me. He was very angry and annoyed and said to me in complaining gesture, JJ, did anybody tell Nadeem to write a Ganda letter, who told Nadeem to write a dirty letter GANDA KHAT about Mohammed Tariq and others and send it to all community?   Nadeem should not have done it. He should have expected response and he has received it in the shape of dirty letter. Why cry about it now. Dirty letters should be stopped by both sides. We are here together to build mosque and not for the exchange of dirty letters. I told Choudhry Ghaffar that I fully agree with him (Choudhry Ghaffar housed Madina Mosque in his personal property after mosque fire for years). After hearing this I looked at the face of Nadeem Majid, he was visibly ashamed and very upset and left the room without denying and saying anything. He did not deny that he didn't write & distributed that “Muslim Wellwishers Group” letter nor anybody else went against the statement of Choudhry Ghaffar. After this Choudhry Ghaffar left the meeting and I also left the meeting couple of minutes after him.

I believe the contents of the letter were discussed before I arrived in this meeting. I was given a time to come for a meeting when they had already discussed the letter without me and hence the reason Choudhry Ghaffar gave me the verdict of what he thought about the letter about Nadeem Majid to clear himself and provided me the information about the writer & distributor of “Muslim Wellwishers Group” letter and I believe Choudhry Ghaffar must have discussed and shown his disgust & anger to everybody present before I arrived.

Because of my neutrality in both parties not belonging to Labour or Liberal political parties and working for the community and mosque interest only; I was not shown a letter but it was read in English and Punjabi language by Taher Majid. Since I had not received this letter so I asked for a copy of it for my record. Asghar Javed Ali arrogantly interrupted my request to have the copy of Nadeem letter and said you don't need for your record, we have got a record and you should not interfere in this issue and let us do what we are doing and the way we are doing. For the record; I never got the copy of Nadeem Majid Dirty letter from the chairman, secretary or anybody else.

In the meeting this letter against Nadeem Majid was accepted as tit for tat for “Muslim Wellwishers Group” letter and no response was discussed whilst I was there. It became clear to me in the meeting that the writer & distributer of “Muslim Wellwishers Group” letter is Nadeem Majid.

When I told and enquire about this letter from Mohammad Tariq of 156 Cyncoed Road Cardiff, one of the director of the Muslim Educational & Welfare Society Wales, in his Clifton Street Shop; he told me that the letter written in response of “Muslim Wellwishers Group” letter was a collective response letter by Mohammed Javed, Haji Nasser, Mohammed Rafiq, Humayaun Nasser, Mohammed Parvez, Zulfiqar Ahmed, Khalid Javaid, Mohammad Afzal, Irfan ul Haq, Mahmood Hassan and of course & obviously by myself.

Mohammed Tariq told me some of the content of the letter which they sent to in response to “Muslim Wellwishers Group” letter including that, Nadeem Majid's sister Nasreen was like Nadeem; sexually very advanced and liberated and he [Mohammed Tariq] used to provide sex for her in Donald street shop with his other friends. She used to need many sessions of sex to satisfy her sex need. He said once she was so happy and satisfied with his sex service he provided she gave him £500 cash to buy a gift for himself and other times to his friends who performed sex acts on her.

 Mohammad Tariq told me that Nadeem's sisters husband Mohammad Nawaz aka kaloo is impotent and khusra (eunuch). He said Nawaz is very aggressive to hide or cover his disability and his so-called son Sohail Nawaz is not his but could be his or his friends or anybody else's but not Nawaz's which can be determined by DNA test to prove his point.

Mohammed Tariq also gave me some details about sexual life he called playboy life of Taher Majid, before his marriage, on marriage day and after marriage, which he said was also in Nadeem Majid letter.

Mohammad Tariq also told me that it was also written in a Nadeem letter that his sexual relationship with Nadeem Majid's sister Nasreen was the major hidden cause of quarrel & enmity between him and Nadeem Majid family which they were all aware of and which they failed to suppress & hide within the Madina Mosque Cardiff community with all their efforts & threats and he said many people know about it but keeping quite because of physical threats & social blackmail and not only threats to them but also to their children by Majid & Company for which they are very well known for and out of reach of South Wales Police because of certain reasons (which he explained to me).

I requested the copy of that Nadeem Majid letter from Mohammed Tariq but he said; the only copy of that letter is with Jaco [Mohammed Javed], so he can use it at appropriate time and place. He said he has no copy to make a copy of it and provide it to me.

I believe the facts stated in this Statement of Truth are true.



Javed Javed

Date: 26 May 2017





Chair of the Home Affairs Committee
The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
House of Commons

Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 22 January 2016


Dear Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP

I am writing to you directly to bring to your kind attention the issue of Child grooming, Pedophilia, Sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff, involving Pakistani Muslim heritage members of the community in Cardiff South Wales.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, I am myself a Pakistani heritage British Muslim who have lived in Cardiff on & off since 1976.

I am a website editor, contemporary Urdu language poet and also a former trustee of the largest mosque in Cardiff .

During the last Twelve Years being involved with mosque as a worshipping member and a trustee, I have sadly personally seen and myself been a victim of sex abuse and children being abused by various members of the community, holding different positions, mosque imams, politicians and businessmen. I have highlighted some of the issues in the interest of protecting the young children and also protected children from being abused and groomed for sexual gratification and also more seriously radicalise along the same lines as the ISIS .

I have brought this directly in the attention of the Chief Constable South Wales Police Peter Vaughan QPM.

Because I have the insider knowledge of the cult, sex pedophilia gang to hush me up and remain silence which I did not do, as a result I have been assaulted and received head injuries. The cult pedophile gang has also sent people to my house who have threatened me with knife and have been trying to smash my front door. Despite telling the police for some reason have failed to take the necessary steps to apprehend the culprits who have attacked me and also not apprehended the sex cult gang who have been abusing young children.

Even when the parent of a child complained to the South Wales Police, after enquiries the police did not pursue any further with this man who was allegedly abusing young children sexually when they were left in his care in Madina Mosque Cardiff.

One of the member of Madina Mosque was arrested and charged for sexually abusing under age child with two others gang raping the young girl and held her captive for more than 24 hours and they also supplied and intoxicated her with alcohol and carried out the gang rape. As a result this man and his accomplices received Three years in prison and now on the sex offender register.

I have told the police that I have witnessed and seen myself the children being abused by mosque officials, members, politicians and businessmen.

The South Wales Police instead of investigating this allegation made by myself to them have taken the side of the gang which has abused and grooming the young children and by having sex in Madina Mosque with them threatened me that if I say or do anything against these people than I will be facing a charge of harassment.

This has shocked me as I wish o protect the young children and to offload my obligation by telling the police what has taken place in Madina Mosque Cardiff.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, because within this pedophilia grooming gang there are people who have a lot of influence on politicians and police, they are getting away with their sexual grooming and abusing children just like Rochdale and especially like Rotherham .

One such influential man member of the gang is Councillor Ali Ahmed. He is a very close friend of the new Police Commissioner of South Wales Mr Alun Michael and approaches him on many issues by pretending that he is a community leader. Councillor Ali Ahmed is a very close friend and associate of commissioner as Ali Ahmed has been his canvassing supporter during general election and bearing in mind, Ali Ahmed is one of the gang cult members who has been grooming and abusing young children for sex.

I strongly believe that South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Alun Michael has

been influenced by Councillor Ali Ahmed and Councillor Mohammed Javed and have got himself involved in this pedophile & sex grooming issue by preventing the police from carrying out their normal duties.

Councillor Ali Ahmed has also been telling the community that he has well known connections with the Secretary of State for Wales , The Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP, The First Minister Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM and other members of the National Assembly and MPs for Wales .

The other member of the cult gang for abusing and grooming young children for sexual gratification Mohammed Asghar AM told me that the South Wales Police and the Gwent Police are in my back pocket, they know my power as I am AM. As per copy attached for your kind information, my reported complaint –the crime number 1500453093 to South Wales Police; Mohammed Asghar AM told me when he was threatening to kill me that, ” Now I have got so many connections & resource If my Taliban from Peshawar order me I even can finish Queen” .

Also the other cult member which has been abusing and grooming young children for sexual gratification is Councillor Mohammed Javed. He has personally approached me and made sexual suggestion which has been reported to the police and currently in the police knowledge.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, I am writing to appeal to you to look at my complaint report provided to the South Wales Police as I do not wish the police to be influenced and suppress this complaint be me because of the influential cult gang members who they reluctant to fully investigate for fear of their connections & power.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, this Pakistani heritage Muslim gang, its affiliates and covert & overt supporters are not only pedophile, child sex groomers & sex cult in Madina Mosque Cardiff but also extremists, sectarian terrorists and humanity haters like ISIS to whom I rightfully justify to call in my poetry, Enemies of Britain in Britain .

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, I have offloaded my obligation and trust that you as The Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee will give the complaint your utmost consideration and to use the authority of the Home Affairs Select Committee to oversea this investigation and prevent it from just being put under the carpet as they were doing in Rotherham.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz I will be sending the copy of this letter and my complaint to the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary.

For your kind attention Rt Hon Keith Vaz I have attached the complaint which is in three parts made direct to the Chief Constable Peter Vaughan QPM of South Wales Police.

Yours sincerely,

Javed Javed

Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Peter Vaughn QPM
Chief Constable of Gwent Constabulary, Jeff Farrar
Mr. Paul Flynn MP
Jessica Morden MP
South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Alun Michael
First Minister of Wales , Carwyn Jones AM
Standards Commissioner, Gerard Elias QC
City of Cardiff Council Chief Executive, Paul Orders
Secretary of State for Wales , The Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP
Joe Stevens MP
General Secretary Welsh Labour Party, Dave Hagendyk
General Secretary of The Welsh Conservative Party
Yasmin Qureshi MP
William Graham AM
The Presiding Officer of the National Assembly Wales , Dame Rosemary Butler AM
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP
Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham
High Commissioner of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan , His Excellency Syed Ibne Abbas




Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee
The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
House of Commons

Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 22 February 2016


Dear Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP

Sir, I would like to update you by sending you my updated report that was sent to you on Date: 22/01/2016.

Since than there have been various developments. I am therefore sending you the updated information in with the previous police complaint document which has been submitted to the court.

The court has been granted a hearing against the eight defendants accused of Paedophila, child sex grooming and sexually abusing under-age children. The court date is the 29/02/2016 at Cardiff.

I am also forwarding you the letters form Prime Minister Office, the Home Office, Member of the National Assembly Wales Eluned Parrott, Shadow Justice Secretary Jo Stevens, First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones AM and Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Peter Vaughan QPM.

Yours sincerely,


Javed Javed


carwyn jones first minister of wales



For the sake of Public Interest & Safety and British Justice; Javed Javed's self explanatory request letter to Secretary of State for the Home Department The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP for an appropriate action against those who were involved in perverting the course of justice and were helping Uncle Pig Sadiq to avoid justice from his heinous crimes against children's in Mosque for many years.

The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP
The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP



Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP
Home Secretary
2 Marsham Street

Javed Javed (JJ)
Correspondence Address
Mob Tel: 07970 552833

Date: 16 February 2017

Dear Rt Hon Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP

With reference to historical Child Sex Abuse in Madina Mosque by member of the Pakistani community.

I have lived in Cardiff south Wales for many years and was a regular worshipper at the Madina Mosque Cardiff. This Mosque is used by mostly by the Pakistani community. I was also the Trustee of the Charity Commission for the Mosque.

In approximately 2005 the Mosque teacher (Imam) by the name Haji Mohammed Sadiq was arrested for sexually abusing young children. Whilst this imam was under Police investigation and on police bail, the other members of the mosque, friends of Haji Mohammed Sadiq formed a group to approach the families of the abused children and used influence and pressure to withdraw the complaint. These group of Pakistani individuals also used their influence on the Chief Constable of South Wales Police Barbara Wilding. Councillor Mohammed Javed who was one of the group members was on the South Wales Police Advisory Community Police Authority. Collectively they managed to suppress the family and the police to suppress the police investigation as a result Haji Mohammed sadiq was released by the police with no further action.

These group individuals calling themselves community leaders perverted the course of justice by interfering with a police normal course of investigation. In 2015 I reported the following individuals to the South Wales Police for historical sexually abusing under age children. Some of the people I reported were the same people who formed a group and managed to get Haji Sadiq out of the police investigation and to face justice. These people who I personally witnessed sexually abusing children are, 1- Mohammed Javed Jaco (on police committee and Labour Party), 2- Mohammed Tariq (bogus community leader Grocer), 3- Mohammed Asghar AM (Conservative Party), 4- Mohammed Afzal (Mosque worker), 5- Councillor Ali Ahmed (Bengali and Labour Party), 6- Mohammed Parvez (carpet shopkeeper), 7- Irfan ul Haq (take away fish & chip shop) and 8- Abdul Rehman Mujahid (Mullah Newport Mosque).

These people have been reported to the South Wales Police by myself for historical child sex abuse. The Police is currently investigating these above-named individuals for paedophile. This police enquiry is being seen by the community as similar in investigation as Rochdale. Home Secretary I would also like to bring to your kind attention when the above-named people tried and succeeded to suppress the police investigation against one of their accused child sex abuser and he managed to slip the net, I contacted with the help and support of good citizens of the community directly to the Home Secretary The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, which I did in December 2015 and I also contacted member of the National Assembly Wales and Cardiff City Council.

I am so glad to inform you Home Secretary that the Home Secretary at the time Rt Hon Thresa May MP who is now the Prime Minister in the interest of public safety and justice for the young children victim ordered a through police investigation as a result the Haji Mohammed Sadiq child sex abuse case was re-investigated and as a result of the interference of the than Home secretary you will be glad to know, Haji Mohammed sadiq is now charged with 24 counts of historically sexually abusing young children from the age of six to thirteen in the Madina Mosque whilst these innocent children were put under his care as the mosque teacher and imam (priest). The trial which has attracted a wide scale public interest nationally and this enquiry could lead potentially to similar to Rochdale child sex abuse by the Pakistani gang.

The reason I am writing to you also is this that although I am aware that the above-named gang is currently being investigated for paedophilia and historical sex abuse of young children in the Mosque and at their home which is currently the police matter. Home Secretary I request you to order a full investigation against the above named people and their other members of the gang who went and visited the victims in approximately in 2005 to pressure the families to withdraw the sexual abuse complaint and also investigate how and why the police in 2005 did not take the proper and appropriate investigation when the same investigation has been carried out again against Haji Mohammed Sadiq and he was successfully charged in November 2016 of very serious crime against defenceless children.

Home Secretary I have full faith and confidence that you will order this full investigation in the interest of justice as you will see from this detailed letter this gang is politically and socially connected and they use their influence to hoodwink and use their pressure and threat of violence to escape justice. I myself have been threatened by this gang not to report them to the police, when I did report them to the police and as a result of my persistence hard work to bring them to justice there now has been criminal charges against one of the gang leader.

I have been warned by this gang that they will get me in Britain or if I travel anywhere abroad. I am forced to wear a bullet and stab proof jacket. I have been assaulted more than one occasion. The police have full record of this and they have also warned me that they are powerful and will join together to make my life and my family's a misery and constant threat.

I appeal to you Home secretary to kindly help me to bring these culprits gang members to justice to protect those innocent children who have been sexually abused and in the past have been let down.

I await your acknowledgment.

Yours faithfully
Javed Javed
Ex-Charity Commission Mosque Trustee

Cc: Cardiff Magistrate Court, The Chief Constable South Wales Police, Peter Vaughan QPM,
First Minister Carwyn Jones AM






child sexual abuse pakistan flag

Self explanatory paedophilia activities complaint of Mohammed Asghar AM
(Conservative) to The National Assembly for Wales by Javed Javed


The National Assembly for Wales

"And whoever recommends and helps an evil cause,
shares in its burden" The Qur'an 4:85


What inducement or bait was given to
H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas to appear with them?

Was it Five, Seven, Nine or Eleven Years Old
Guaranted Virgin Pakistani or White Welsh Girls for Sex?

child sex assault

H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK and M Asghar AM.jpg
H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK (Right) and Mohammed Asghar AM (left)
reported for paedophilia activities and under investigation by South Wales Police

H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK with some of Cardiff & Newport paedophiles under investigation by South Wales Police
H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK with some of Cardiff & Newport paedophiles under investigation by South Wales Police

H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK with some of Cardiff & Newport paedophiles under investigation by South Wales Police
H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK with some of Cardiff & Newport paedophiles under investigation by South Wales Police

"British authorities enforcing political correctness have allowed Muslim paedophile gangs to sexually abuse children with impunity for more than two decades, according to a comprehensive new study that examines the harrowing epidemic of child grooming in towns and cities across Britain."

"The laws in various Islamic states show that they think that Aisha [who was married to Mohammad at the age of six] was under 10 when Mohammed had sex with her. And to Muslims, Mohammed is regarded as the perfect man; it is part of their religion that they should emulate his behavior."

H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK

child rape H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK

British Government should kick out paedophile supporter
H.E. Syed Ibne Abbas from UK

mullah-aur-siyasatdan poem by javed javed
Mullah and Politician
O Muslim! Does ever anybody says that I am a Satan/Shaitan,
I am a Stain on the Pulpit of Muhammad (S); I am a Beast of Qur'an,
I am a Thief, Sinner, Dacoit, Robber and Rowdy Muslim,
I am an Extreme Enemy of Muhammad (S); I am a Rejecter of Qur'an,
I am a Guardian of Nation I suck Blood of Nation,
I am the King of Mushriks and I am Mischief maker's Soule,
I am a leader of Muslims, know nothing about Islam,
I am a propagator of Sectarianism; I rape children,
I am Faithless, Extreme Hypocrite; I am a bribe taker ruler,
I am a Storm & Hurricane of Evil in the Mosque of Allah,
These evils know themselves very well and you also know them,
One calls himself a Priest/Mullah and other Politician.

Simple English understanding of an Urdu Poem by Javed Javed - 24.11.2012



Self explanatory paedophilia activities complaint of Cardiff Councilor Ali Ahmed
(Labour) to the Cardiff Council by Javed Javed



cardiff council l-tter of complaint



Liberal party councillor asghar ali





zani-e-tiflan-poem by  javed javed

The One Who Rape Children
Come on! Let's get rid of from Mosque the one who rape children,
These are also the tyrannical who trample over the Qur'an of Muhammad (S).
The one who devour Haram Money,
How can he teach the Command of Muhammad (S).
O Muslim! Look he is got a Robe of Muhammad (S) on him,
He is also soothing the hidden Satan Inside.
That who has taken the Light of Allah from Din/Islam,
Why shouldn't Qur'an call beast an Ape & Swine.
That Muslim is Courtesy less, Shameless, Disgraceful & Illiterate,
Who hides the Muhammad 's (S) Qur'an's adulterer.
If Mullah after seeing do not jump than what can he do,
Mirror has put a fire on the Storm of Fire.
O Muslim! In life, Mosque and Politics are important,
Why have you given the rein to the Enemies of Muhammad (S).
You must look, if sitting on the Pulpit of Muhammad (S) is not a SHAITAN,
Snatch the playing field from the Enemies of Muhammad (S).
Simple English Understanding of an Urdu Poem by Javed Javed-01.12.2012




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