Javed Javed Cardiff
President Trump - Poem by Javed Javed

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He [Muslim] calls Christians and Jews, Apes & Pigs
Muslim & Mushrik does not see a plank in his/her own eye
I have shown the Islam of the Qu'ran simply, openly & clearly
Why do you curse, kick & beat the photo of Javed (Poet) when you see it? (curse, kick & beat The Qur'an instead of Javed)
Why shouldn't President Trump stop Muslim Hypocrites (coming in USA)
You stab with the sword/attack whichever country gives you safety & security

President Donald J. Trump: An Urdu Poem by Javed Javed 19.09.2017- Qur'an 12:106







Javed Javed exposing paedophile and child sex groomers of zani harami mosque or masjid cardiff

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