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muhammad(S)-kay-dushman-Poem by Javed Javed

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MUSHRIK PIR kissed grave railing once at the end - rest is SAJDA.

Enemies of Muhammad-S - poem by javed javed

O Muslim! Look with your eyes; Contempt of Islam,
Camera picture of Enemy of Allah & Muhammad (S),
Also listen! People are saying vigorously & loudly Allah, Allah,

See in the crowd, Evil Pir’s Prostration to the grave of Pir.

Four line poem by Javed Javed - July 2011


Who have sown the seeds of Enmity & Evil?
He! Who have prostrated to grave.

Disease of Shirk & Evil spread like a plague,
Muslims by name only, have to get ruined in the world with this disease.

Cursed-ones/Rejected are the real Enemies of Muhammad (S),
They have turned Islam into circus.

O Honourless, Immodest, Senseless Muslim!
You wouldn’t see the Rapers of Islam? Wouldn’t you?

Those (Muslims), who even did not lower their eyes in front of other than Allah,
They have started rubbing their forehead on graves/gods of stone - Idol Worshipping.

Simple English understanding of Javed Javed’s poem “MUHAMMAD (S) KAY DUSHMAN ” or Enemies of Muhammad (S) – July 2011





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