Javed Javed Cardiff
khwahish-e-shaitan-Poem by Javed Javed

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O Devil! I do not have a "Devil's Desire" for the Earth & Sky,

This is the eternal line of separation between me and you.

Tent ropes are breaking and tents are flying with the Air of Truth

Thugs and Rogue’s had been staying for a long time.

Devils can run as much as they can; but shall not escape from the punishment,

Rule of the God is limitless; where ever they reach shall be encircled by the Law of Allah.

Look at the Hell coming, decorated very well with the flames,

No Mushrik will be spared; you are abundantly circumventing Pir - worshipping human.

O False! Javed (poet) will never turn away from the Tongue of Truth,

It is enough; Only Allah and Muhammad (S) are with me.

Simple English understanding of the poem “KHWAHISH-E-DEVIL”
by Javed Javed – 23 June 2011





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