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keray-makoray - Poem by Javed Javed

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rapeworms and insects poem by javed javedrape
Worms & Insects
Because of the Curse/Wrath of Allah; this time has arrived on Muslims,
Whole world is squashing them under their feet as Worms & Insects.
Why shouldn't Muslims come under the Wrath of Allah; they have abandon the Qur'an,
By leaving the Criterion they have left the Speech/Commands of Muhammad (S).
Muslims do not have any more faith & trust on Muhammad (S),
Muslims gods are Pir & Mullah's who are themselves luggage of Hell.
Muslim do not call that person a Muslim who's speech is Qur'an's speech,
Nor is that person Muslim they say who carry the Symbol of Muhammad (S) (Qur'an-Islam).
Thief, dacoit, adulterer, alcohol dealer, hypocrite & evil lover (sectarian, terrorist, extremist, corruptionist),
Muslims says, if these are not the qualities of a person, he is not a real Muslim.

Javed Javed - 12.02.2014





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