Javed Javed Cardiff
insanyat-ka-dard-Poem by Javed Javed

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rememberence of london bombing

Compassion for Humanity!

O Terrorist Muslim! You have been desolated.
O Muslim! You have become cold/dead/motionless because of being an Ignorant/Illiterate.

O Muslim! Without Qur’an, your colour is pale/you are ill.
O Muslim! A Star has become the Dust of World.

O Muslim! You are no more a traveller for Knowledge,
O Muslim! Completely empty of knowledge; you have been exposed.

O Muslim! Why have you become a pawn in the Game of Evil?
O Muslim!
Allah is also no more your sympathiser.

O Muslim! If you don’t have Compassion for Humanity,
O Muslim! You are not a Member of Humanity.

O Muslim! Remove frosty weather (among other human) with Love & Affection.
O Muslim! Bloom Roses with Love & affection.

You are following Pir & Mullah,
O Muslim! You are no more a Brave Man of Muhammad (S).

Simple English understanding of a poem by Javed Javed - 16.01.2012





Javed Javed exposing paedophile and child sex groomers of zani harami mosque or masjid cardiff


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