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Humanity-Poem by Javed Javed

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insanyat or humanity

O Humans! Lets walk all together,
Everybody has been deceived by their own guide.
Cloud of decimation and destruction are always on the sky,
O Humans! What have you achieved by discarding humanity?
Listen Muslims! Adulterated Islam has put you to sleep,
You will not find your destination by sleeping day & night.
Your circumstances are adverse Muslims, respect is lost and soul is exposed,
You are hoping for the flowers by sowing the thorns.
If respect of the Humans not taught by the religions,
It is a Gang of Hate; Get out of it, even if the stop you.
March forward all faiths and break the walls of hates & terrors,
Whoever stops you, is not Human but Devil.
O Humans! Raise the Flag of Mutiny all together,
Everybody's priests are tormenting and persecuting everybody.

Simple English understanding of an Urdu poem "Insanyat" by Javed Javed - 25.1.2008 (Qur'an-2:213, 109:6)

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