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Esai Khatoon-Poem by Javed Javed

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And thus, (O Prophet) We have sent you as a mercy for the worlds. Q-21:107


(In Pakistan)

Simple English understanding of poem by Javed Javed. 1st Dec 2010

When did Muhammad (S) say, to burn the Lady?
When has Allah said to put her on gallows?

What was not thrown on Muhammad (S) in the streets and Ka’aba?
Gut of animal, stones, rubbish/garbage to humiliate/upset/distress him

Muhammad (S) took all the hardship for the sake of the Path of Allah
He forgave Meccan’s (enemies if Islam) to teach them real Islam

You kiss your thumbs very well when you hear the name of Muhammad (S)
Say! Isn’t this action only to get the attention?

Only Muhammad (S) was the one, Limitless Ocean of Mercy & Compassion
Do not spoil his name (O Muslim) for the sake of showing off love to Muhammad (S)

You also think O unwise/uneducated (none-Muslim); do not incite/distress Muslims
Why won’t he get up (according to law) to save the honour of Muhammad (S)?

There is a limit to patience when you humiliate, incite & insult
Order also came (in Qur’an, beside peace & compassion) to take up arms

Muslim do not start (fight/war) first; he is not allowed to do it (by Islamic Law)
He comes into battlefield, only to disperse evil

Old time is not here, and neither is slavery
Muslims are getting up/awaking up to say what they believe

O Mankind! Only way to salvation is the Way of Qur’an.
To Make One Mankind One Again!

Ignorant & Illiterate they are; but they are Muslim (in their own country & laws)
Some of your (European) laws are such to laugh on them

It becomes a crime if one does not believe in Holocaust
Is right of Freedom of believe and a right of expression is a showpiece?

O non-Muslim! You should also look into your inner self
The purpose of Javed's poetry is to awake up dead bodies

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