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DUAL BREED or DO NASLA-Poem by Javed Javed

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Dual Breed!

Hindu worships the idol which is standing or sitting; YOU worship which are lying in the graves.
Are you Hindu, Muslim or Dual Breed? How can an Ignorant of Islam answer this!

Prostration in front of other than Allah/God; prostration to live and dead peer/priest (Human),
O Mushrik/polytheists! you will get HELL; your feet are swollen by walking on this road.

Polytheists/Mushriks of Makkah were like this, as Muslim worship dead bodies today.
When asked them about this, they say quickly; we are not Ka'fir/Idol worshippers; might be others.

Your Mosque has became a Hindu Temple; Your Ka'aba is Peer’s/priests Tomb.
After leaving Allah & Muhammad (S); you have lost your senses MUSLIM.

Simple English understanding of Urdu Poem by Javed Javed
December 2009

do-nasla or Dual Breed





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