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dararain-Poem by Javed Javed

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"I have performed NAMAZ’S.....I have performed NAMAZ’S on great many prominent places.....I have also performed like this, believe me.....I have had a chance to perform NAMAZ’S like this - that........from that side, IMAM SAHIB said ALLAH-O-AKBAR after RUKU…than he said ALLAH-O-AKBAR and fallen for SAJDAH..... I embraced myself with the JALI MUBARAK/Lattice work of the Tomb of Muhammad (S).....they are doing their SAJDAH, I am doing MINE.....I swear by in whose hand is my life......I have performed many NAMAZ’S like this, that, they have fallen in SAJDAH there and I am embracing with JALI MUBARAK/lattice work of the Tomb of Muhammad (S)."


Who put the Cracks in Islam?
He! Who did not prostrate to Allah.
You did not stop hidden enemies of Islam,
Inflicted wounds are turned into cancer and oozing.
Devil is prostrating to Muhammad (S),
He has insulted Muhammad (S).

Simple English Understanding of Urdu Poem "DARARAIN" or CRACKS by Javed Javed - July 2011





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