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corruption-poem-2 - Poem by Javed Javed

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"Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption"
"Corruption is rife in Britain's Pakistani community"

Who helps fuelling Pakistanis corruption in UK?
Corrupt segment of White Anglo-Saxons

pakistani corruption

"Senior, defines corruption as an action to (a) secretly provide (b) a good or a service to a third party (c) so that he or she can influence certain actions which (d) benefit the corrupt, a third party, or both (e) in which the corrupt agent has authority."
corruption poem by Javed Javed
Where have you not sold your faith Muslim? - Satan has become your god Muslim.
Your Love of Muhammad (S) is fake, - You are the farmer of deception Muslim.
No shame, honour and dignity left in you, - You have become very famous for the Soul of Evil Muslim.
Whoever see corruption and keep quiet about it, - He is also a Baggage of Hell Muslim.
Why shouldn't Allah destroy you? - You have hidden The Qur'an in a shroud Muslim.
Corruption eats away the Rights of Mankind, - it gives a great damage to the soul Muslim.
Your first enemies in Mosque are, - Politicians who are Evil Beasts Muslim.
Those who teaches lesson of sectarianism, - Those Mullah's are no more human Muslim.
Many White Man are comrades in corruptions, - Only Pakistani is not Evil Hurricane Muslim.
No more society left which was white, - Trust & confidence on police evaporated Muslim.
Nothing is left after leaving Muhammad (S)-Qur'an, - This is not Islam, whatever left is husk Muslim.
You have brought corruption in UK with yourself,
You have given a bad name to Pakistan Muslim.

English understanding of an urdu poem by Javed Javed - 26.11.2013 Qur'an 83:1-5

"Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption"

"A monopoly on the provision of information would be a perennial temptation to malpractice, inefficiency and corruption,
in exactly the same way as almost every other kind of monopoly is." "No single source of news can possibly represent
the variety of opinion that is in this country."

Home Secretary The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

"Corruption in parts of the Pakistani community is "endemic" and a growing problem that politicians have underestimated"
"ministers should "wake up" to the threat of corruption in public life"
Dominic Grieve QC, the Attorney General

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Javed Javed exposing paedophile and child sex groomers of zani harami mosque or masjid cardiff

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