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Cancer - Poem by Javed Javed

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cancer - poetry, poem by javed javed
Why don't you think? Why have you became an animal-thoughtless?
Why are you ignorant of Game of Life & Death?
Think! The one who is sitting in a heart of ignorant; Isn't a Satan?
Think! Isn't an Enemy of Human hiding himself in a Cloak of Smile?
Why Enemy of Allah & Muhammad (S) is getting nourishment-growing?
Why is he Slowly & slowly become a god of ignorant?
Think! Why Storm of Evil rising from the Mosques?
Why it is not the Mosque of Allah but a Court of Satan?
Why is the destruction of Jews & Christians is your desire & hope?
O You Think! Why doesn't your Qur'an says this?
Why your Mosque has become the Playfield of Politics?
Why can't you see the Wrath of Allah? Are you dead-senseless?
Look! Those who are sitting on you head (leaders) are the Luggage of Hell,
Tell me! Why don't you have Faith on Muhammad (S) (to follow him)?
It is the Blessing of The Qur'an (to all humans) that there is no compulsion in religion,
Slavery (of other than this rule) to become your destiny; it wouldn't be befitting of you.
O Very Simple Muslim! You have not understood Mullah & Pir-guides & leaders,
Different are faces but it is one Caner in different Shapes & Forms.

Simple English Understanding of an Urdu Poem by Javed Jvaed - 10 June 2013 Qur'an-10:27





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