Javed Javed Cardiff
Javed Javed Cardiff: In Public Interest


Javed Javed Cardiff-British Pakistani Muslim exposing Paedophiles, Alcohol & Swine dealers, Mushrik & Adulterers and Cardiff Zani Mosque-Masjid


Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils). Q17.32


And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is). (The Qur'an 2:42)


javed javed assaulted
Javed Javed attacked at home 2008. Police Occurrence Number 62080168532.
South Wales Police found nobody responsible.

bullet & stab proof jacket
Javed Javed kept going in Zani Harami Mosque as a trustee wearing Bullet & Stab Proof jacket to tackle death threats after attack & his heart by-passes until stopped by Ch Ghaffar because he was Peer Worshipper & that Shaw's building belonged to hm.




corruption der corruption poem by javed javed

Javed Javed have seen; not a wind but a Hurricane of Corruption,
I have seen wherever I seen a contagious disease of corruption in politics,
I have seen corruption free from all restraints everywhere,
I have seen unlimited corruption of evils with the help of Muslims,
I have seen corruption bigger than an act of Satanism,
I have seen selling DUA/Blessing in Mosques with corruption,
I have seen corruption as a Wrath of Allah on Welsh Muslims,
I have seen a Beard of corruption and Guidance of corruption in Mosque,
I have seen corruption in the shape of child rape,
I have seen adulteress obliterated with the corruption of sex,
I have seen corruption appearing in the shape of Peer/Human worship,
I have seen corruption in the shape of guidance by Peer's penis,
I have seen corruption as an beating stick of a sectarian Muslim,
I have seen utterings of bad words against each other's because of corruption,
I have seen corruption taking medicine from corruption,
I have seen getting punished whoever expose corruption,
I have seen the speech of truth getting suppressed with corruption,
I have seen humanity without voice because of corruption,
I have seen honourless corruption crawling under the skin,
I have seen layers of corruption helping corruption in hard time,
I have seen corruption deceiving justice everywhere,
I have rung all the bells without reply/result; great many are involved in corruption,
I have seen corruption giving terrorists a covering blanket,
I have seen also unfaithfulness against the United Kingdom because of corruption,

I have seen a climate of corruption just like Pakistan,
O Muslims! I have seen limitless corruption in Cardiff.

Javed Javed - 3 September 2015 – Qur'an 83:1-3, 4:135, 12:106, 39:45


child sexual abuse theresa may

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment, Qur'an 5:33


Javed Javed knows very well that Pakistani Heritage Muslim Sex & Mafia Gang's Men & Women of Zani Harami Mosque Cardiff with support of natives including politicians are very active in supporting, justifying and condoning paedophilia child sexual exploitation in Cardiff including of UNCLE PIG Haji Sadiq and inciting Muslim's to condemn & voice against UNCLE PIG'S Crown Court's sentence of 13 Years and spreading serious and criminal hate against the victims, Judge, Jury & Justice System. In Javed Javed's opinion rape is a terrorist act against a person and Rape, Sexual Abuse & Assault against a child is a highest degree of terrorism act against innocent child and supporter, helper and protector of child rapist, sexual abuser and assaulter is also as guilty as Supporter of Terrorism.

Zani Harami Mosque cardiff






mahmood hassan
Mahmood Hassan: Javed Javed's Brother-in-law (JJ married with his sister)






Mohammed Tariq's phone rang again and he told somebody on other end, who else were sitting with him in the room. Afterwards Tariq said, Ali Ahmed is not coming in because JJ is here with us and he wants to take his girl and go. Mohammed Asghar AM said OK. Mohammed Tariq told me to stay here with Abdul Rehman Mujahid till he come back after dropping Mohammed Asghar AM. I said no and went out in corridor with them. He opened the next room's door and two very young white girls about 13/14 years old came out wearing red mini dresses and I believe they were the same white girls I saw in Mohammed Tariq's Shop to whom he gave free beer, cigarettes and chocolate and told me those are favorite of Mohammed Asghar AM and Ali Ahmed. One girl started cuddling with Mohammed Asghar and other started kissing Mohammed Tariq. Both white young girls looked drunk to me.

Mohammed Tariq opened the front door, we went out and I saw Ali Ahmed in a car. One girl went with Ali Ahmed in his car. Mohammed Tariq told me that he is going to drop Mohammed Asghar AM in a hotel and other girl went with Mohammed Tariq and Mohammed Asghar AM in Mohammed Tariq's car.




jo stevens mp with cllr ali ahmed

I was also pleased to visit the Madni Community Centre  this month with Councillor Ali Ahmed. A new centre is currently being built in Cathays and will be a fantastic facility for the local community.
Jo Stevens MP contact@jostevens.co.uk
Wed 02/11/2016, 12:52
EMAILED TO: javedijaved@hotmail.com



alun michael
Alun Michael is the police and crime commissioner for the South Wales Police force area.



South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner
Ty Morgannwg
Police Headquarters
CF31 3SU

Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 12 December 2015



Dear Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

I would like to inform you that I have made criminal complaint against various members of the community who have been making threats to kill me and also harm my family.

I have also made a complaint against some of these individuals who are threat to National Security and threat to members of the community.

These individuals who I have complain to the police about, they claim to be very powerful connected to bent police officers and have various politicians in their back pocket and bogus community and religious leader are part of their gang.

I have also receive a phone call that you commissioner Alun Michael is also in their back pocket. They have used councilor former MP and bogus community leader to influence you to communicate South Wales Police to interfere and suppress my complaint against these so-called mafia in Cardiff Muslim community.

I have been exposing these people because they are all interconnected all belongs to the Muslim community and they are a threat to Britain because of their inter connection between the dangerous organisations inside and outside of Britain which pose a great threat to the National Security of Britain same as what has happened in France.

I appeal to you Commissioner Alun Michael not to be influenced by these mafia Muslim gangsters who have connections to get you influenced to interfere with police process.

I have been threatened and warned by these mafia gangsters that you are supporting them.

Yours faithfully

Javed Javed

Cc: South Wales Police Chief Constable Peter Vaughn QPM





Force Number: 4187
Rank: Chief Superintendent
Email: Cardiff@south-wales.pnn.police.uk


chief constable south wales police peter vaughan

belinda davies from chief constable

complaint against chief superintendent belinda davies

Jon Stratfor Assistant Chief Constable Support and Specialist Crime

Jon Stratfor Assistant Chief Constable Support and Specialist Crime

Jon Stratfor Assistant Chief Constable Support and Specialist Crime

Jon Stratfor Assistant Chief Constable Support and Specialist Crime



Jon Stratford ACC
Support and Specialist Crime
South Wales Police Headquarters
Cowbridge Road
CF31 3SU

Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan Yr Heol
CF23 6JU



Your Ref: ACC-S/JS/PB/10/16

Dear Mr Jon Stratford ACC

In response to your lengthy letter Dated 22 March 2016. Your letter is deliberately trying to confuse and trying to create a smoke screen by addressing issues which are distance to what my allegations are.

You are clearly covering up the facts which I raised, which is the issue of me sending emails to Mohammed Tariq who has lied to the police to obtain a pin notice against me and Chief Superintendent Belinda Davis deliberately, like you are doing you best, ignored my grave concern for injustice against me and that is what I meant when I stated she has compromised the office of Police against me and Chief Superintendent Belinda Devies have got a personal agenda against me which is  indiscriminately pursued against me by Chief Superintendent Belinda Davies using the police powers to pursue the vendetta and deliberately denied me protection.

She has not given warning to the people I complaint against and those people I complained against have not just issued secret threats but openly even in their Police statements which were sent to me and since it came to me my attention the fear of my safety has now increased than before because right from under the nose of the police, the culprit gang have managed to officially conveyed their threat to me via the South Wales Police and the police has acted no different than gangsters to convey the messages of threat.

 I have reported repeatedly the gang for threat, intimidation, assault and threats of assault to South Wales Police and to date you have not given a proper attention to my serious concern for my safety and safety of my family. I am enclosing for your benefit as a proof the threats made to me via police statement and police acted as a go between and conveyed the message to me deliberately and knowingly to cause me stress and anxiety and fear for my and my family safety for whatever reward as an inducement.

Reference to you addressing the issue of HH Judge Bidder QC has absolutely nothing to do with Chief Superintendent Belinda Davies enquiry and you deliberately touch on this issue to prejudice my case and for your kind information; the appeal has been already lodged against the unjust decision of HH Judge Bidder QC.

I went to court to seek my, my family's and other vulnerable children's protection from the gangsters which HH Judge Bidder QC failed to see and did not come to right conclusion. It had nothing to do with Chief Superintendent Belinda Davies or South Wales Police which had and still have failed to provide me any protection from their supported gang of paedophile in Muslim community of Cardiff and Newport.

You wrote, “which has found no evidence of undue influence being brought to bear by Chief Superintendent Davies” – It means you have admitted yourself that there was influence used on Chief Superintendent Davies to act against Javed Javed but only due and not undue.

You write, “You were arrested twice in December for breaching your bail conditions” – YES, I was arrested but FALSLY on pretence of breaking bail conditions, but actually and really did not break any bail condition as per written bail conditions on which I signed. You have to prove it in a Court of Law and stop lying without knowing the full issue & proof.

As for I am concern your investigation is biased and unjust against me for whatever reason just like Chief Superintendent Belinda Davie's actions against me for whatever inducement/s.

May I suggest in future please, address the issue in hand short & concise rather than writing lengthy fictional stories and as you are aware that I am seriously ill person and very busy in defence against your criminal case against me and please do not expect lengthy & irrelevant answers from me for irrelevant questions and not to waste tax payers money for un-productive work.

After digesting you letter it appears to me that you had no knowledge of issues and you just copied and pasted decisions taken by others in the past and did deliberate injustice to the South Wales Police and its reputation & integrity and went against the core moto of South Wales Police, “Without Fear or Favour”.

What INDUCEMENT can a Coal Merchant provide? Coal

What INDUCEMNT can a Gang of Paedophile provide? Answer is left out for you to decide.

You should consult all the documents I sent direct or Cc to Chief Constable Peter Vaughan QPM to find many answers for your many questions you are going to raise or already have raised and specially the letters to the Home Secretary Theresa May MP.

When South Wales Police start threating harm to citizens than who will protect citizens?

For serious matters like this you should get help from MI5 or outside of Wales Force's to investigate properly. How can a thief investigate thief or a terrorist investigate terrorist?

If you need any further clarification from me, please ask me without hesitation very short question/s for very short answer/s from me and I don't like to spoon feed and home work has to be done first with serious regards to responsibility.

Finally, with due respect, please do not forget the case of Murder of Lynette White and criminal cover-ups involved.


Javed Javed



Counter-terrorism officers arrest five men in Cardiff and Barry during dawn raids

Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Holland with Saleem Kidwai of the Muslim Council for Wales

complaint to south wales police

professional standards department

south wales police professional standards department

dale ponting senior manager professional standards departmernt






Rt Hon Lord Chancellor Michael Gove MP
Secretary of State for Justice

Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France


Javed Javed (JJ)
14 Dan-Yr-Heol
CF23 6JU
Mob Tel: 07970 552833
Date: 1 March 2016



Lord Chancellor Michael Gove

Re: Case Number: C70CF008 and The Behavior and Injustice by Judge Bidder QC on 29.02.2016.

I am writing to you to appeal to you directly and bring to your attention the unjust behavior and judgement decision of Judge Bidder QC who sat on my application for a court injunction against six defendants for Sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff and Pedophile enquiry by South Wales Police against the defendants.

I made an application under the civil procedure rule for a Court Injunction from prohibiting the defendants from harming me, my wife and children. The application hearing was to have last for two hour. The defendants made an application for anonymity order as a result the judge ordered from two hour to three hour hearing. At the hearing of the application the judge instead of dealing with my application started to deal with a trial that had already taken place from which I was detached and not involved and the Judge also started to interfere with a forthcoming magistrate court hearing against me for harassment. The judge it seems already have mad his mind to not only to grant me my injunction but also to deliberately gave judgement to influence my police case for harassment putting me at a disadvantage in the presence of the police and the defendants which would most certainly jeopardies my case for harassment and judge bidder has unjustly and deliberately did not address the issue before him which was requesting him to give an injunction against the defendants for not attacking me or my family to harm us directly or indirectly. The judge acted unprecedently

And branded me a disillusioned (mentally insane) without any justification as the diagnostic he has made as a judge without a medical report by a psychiatrist gave this judgement which is unjust and grave mistake by the judiciary to take the role not only as a judge but also without any authority become a medical psychiatrist branding me insane is not only an insult to a claimant who is a litigant in person but is making a fool of the British justice system.

Judge Bidder indiscriminately in his wholesale judgement also accused me without any justification or evidence gave judgement that I acted maliciously just because I have reported to the police Sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff and Paedophilia Gang acting in Cardiff similar to the ones in Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford and Rotherham. These are my own accounts which I have personally witnessed and heard. How can a judge make the false allegation against me in this manner? This is unjudicial and opinion without evidence or a trial to make these allegations.

The judge was very offensive and accused a Muslim education website called madinamosuqecardiff.com with Holy Scripture from The Qur'an and quotes from many different faiths and art work explaining in simplest terms the meaning of the complex poetry and Islamic literature which was explained to an ordinary man.

The judge Bidder branded this Islamic website to be a pornographic which has shocked and upset many Muslims who wish to protest and bring judge Bidder to justice for his unjust discriminate and offensive remarks which are clearly made to deliberately miscarriage of justice and to pass judgement indiscriminately to put me at a disadvantage and made me vulnerable in my court coming case against me by the defendants and the police presence.

There is no real point in me attending the Magistrate Trial for pleading when this will be on deaf hearing as the defendants will most certainly use this unjust judgement made by Judge Bidder to achieve their objective which has been all along to oppress and suppress me from exposing them and their Sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff and paedophilia activities.

The Judge Bidder also falsely accused me of a malicious campaign against the defendants when the fact is not only witnessed, seen and heard personally the defendants disgusting behavior and sexually abusing children but I am myself a victim of sexual abuse by one of the defendants. How can this be malicious, by making a report of the conduct of the defendant's sexual abusing children which I witnessed personally and reported to the police?

This unwarranted decision which is unjust offensive, anti-Islam by accusing me and my website of being a pornographic website. This has traumatized me as there is a vast difference between a religious website and a pornographic website. Naturally not only I but many Muslims are would be hurt and upset by Judge Bidder's disgusting remarks. For this reason I do not wish Judge Bidder QC to be the Judge in any of my future case hearings as he is completely bias towards me for whatever reasons does not justify his unjust and unpresented judgement.

Judge Bidder also fully supported the defendants and their lawyers. Judge Bidder did not only have judicial intervention with me but infect interrogated me, accused me, abused me and shown me a complete disrespect and disregard that I was a victim and a litigant in person most seriously branded me a criminal regarding my complaint t the police and my website for which we were not at the court but infect were there just for a two hour hearing for an injunction order.

The claimants application for anonymity order should have been dismissed as non-compliance with the order of the judge instead the judge still ordered that their application continue also I have informed the court in advance that the two defendants AA and MA (No.2) to be discontinued from my application notice. I am the claimant and it was my application, why did Judge Bidder did not allow me and forced me to continue with my allegation against those two defendants which is unjust to force me to continue with an injunction against the two defendants when I remove them from my claim and statement of truth.

The Judge Bidder is responsible for the un-necessary appearance and continued involvement in the case of the two defendants which I have decided not to pursue. The cost and other implication suffered by those two defendants at the behest of Judge Bidder for acting deliberately acting unreasonable.

I have raised this matter of paedophila and Sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff on my website for over four years in various ways and this was to protect young children coming to Madina Mosque Cardiff from any physical and sexual harm from these defendants and their cult members. It is only now recently that they have come together and conspired together to make false allegations about me. Some of the defendants are currently under police investigation for perjury and perverting the course of justice and Judge Bidder listing to their barrister Mr. Bennett should have realise that the claimants are liars and they themselves are currently being investigated by the police for Paedophilia and Sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff. But Judge Bidder unjustly chose to humiliate, degrade and punished me the victim.

I accept that I am not well this is due to my kidney failure but mentally I am classed in UK as one of the finest poet and writer on Islamic poetry and class myself a leading authority on Islamic Qur'anic Knowledge known as knowledge provider and also very capable in Urdu and English written and spoken language. I am also an authority on art presentation and web design. My website is one of the most informative in Islamic faith, information, awareness, cultures and public opinion are always are accepted and respected furthermore Judge Bidder QC complimented me for my court paperwork as very eloquent and my court etiquettes although I was a litigant in person and the Judge Bidder QC acutely contradicting himself by calling me mad.

The anonymity order should never have been granted as the paedophila and sex in Madina Mosque Cardiff is public issue and for public safety and welfare. This issue is similar to those in Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford and Rotherham. I have specially made sure by off-loading my obligation as a British Muslim and author and a former trustee of the mosque to bring this paedophila issue to the notice of the police, the legal civil courts, members of parliaments, councilors and AMs, the Home Secretary, Prime Minister's office, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee and the Muslim Pakistani Communities in the in the interest of Justice and most seriously to protect innocent defenseless children from the defendants just as the children who have been abused and violated by Pakistani gangs in other parts of the UK and as a British Pakistani my moral obligation and my Islamic obligation to bring the culprits to the justice regardless what price I have to pay for justice for innocent children from the Pakistani paedophile gangs.

Lord Chancellor for your kind attention I have been assaulted for more than four occasions, receiving head injuries, threatened with knive, my front door kicked-in to silenced me involving these defendants directly and indirectly but that was the reason that I made the application for my safety and my family for an injunction order and the Judge Bidder it into a nightmare for me in favor of the defendants unjustly. I appeal to you Lord Chancellor to help me by investigation my complaint against Judge Bidder in the interest of justice as a matter of urgency before any further injustice is administered by him in future against me.


Javed Javed

Cc: Judge Bidder QC







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Javed Javed Cardiff


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