Javed Javed Cardiff
Javed Javed Cardiff-Crimes of the Community in Cardiff Zani Mosque-Masjid

Alzzanee la yankihu illa zaniyatan aw mushrikatan waalzzaniyatu la yankihuha illa zanin aw mushrikun wahurrima thalika AAala almu/mineena Q24:3

The fornicator [zani] does not marry except a [female] fornicator or polytheist, and none marries her except a fornicator or a polytheist,
and that has been made unlawful to the believers. Qur'an 24:3




child sex abuse in cardiff mosquechild sex abuse in cardiff mosquechild sex abuse in cardiff mosque
gashti gashti





of the

Honour-based violence in the UK
James Brandon and Salam Hafez


Crimes of the Community:
Honour-based violence in the UK
James Brandon and Salam Hafez
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A letter from the ‘Muslim Wellwishers Group’

Cardiff-based community group’s circular which went to more than 1,250
Pakistani Muslim homes in Cardiff, according to Shahen Taj, the director
of the Henna Foundation in the city. The document appears to have been
sent with the aim of discouraging individuals and families from acting
in ways which the community believes to be immoral. The following text
appears with its original spelling and punctuation.



Dear Mrs. Shahnaz *****,

Do the community’s respectable women really know who
you are, and the family that you belong to?

Shahnaz (Sadiq) ***** (wife of ********* ***** Grocer /
Off Licensee, *******, Cardiff)

Shahnaz is a woman who was forced into an arranged marriage
to a man ****** ******* ***** of spar Shop a Grocer / Off

The sad thing is that once someone is forced into an arranged
marriage there is no turning back unless a woman is strong
and puts principles before any other thing, which Shahnaz has

This particular lady enjoyed the best part of her life as a child with
her family and then growing up to the High School days. These
are all precious mischief sweet memories that she has experienced
in her six form days at Hawardian, which were abruptly
brought to an end when the family realised she was not excelling
at academics, but was only enjoying and very much looking forward
to school life. Forcibly arranging her marriage to ********
*****, the father thought was a right thing to do as the girl
well into her puberty.

For ******** ***** this was a passport to paradise, as in Pakistan
he was suffering like any other peasants cutting corns in the
field, milking cows and listening to flute music in the fields, and
in the evenings the social past time was gossiping and back biting.
When the opportunity came to come to Britain and the prospect
of a British passport he could not believe his luck. Once the
mattiage was arranged for whatever reason ******** *****
resented Shahnaz and disliked her as this wasn’t a love marriage,
but forced, but what he did love was the opportunity to come
to Britain and getting his hands on a British passport. The only
thing that kept together was the British passport. Whilst waiting
for a passport his careless and laid back approach produced children,
as a result of this he has always felt that he is trapped, since
he was never happy with what Shahnaz had to offer him. He
always thought that the grass was definitely greener elsewhere
and therefore he has never stopped searching for illicit sexual affairs,
and hoping that he may find something that his was unable
to give him.

It’s impossible to feel sorry for Shahnaz as she has became similar
to gangsters mole and disgust is an everyday occurrence which
she has become to accept as a norm of life.
Shahnaz has been surrounded for the best part of her life by
members of her family who were either, accused of adultery, indecently
assaulting children or those arrested for gang rape of
an underage girls, or selling alcohol to underage children, which
was also charged with herself.

Shahnaz’s father Haji Mohammed Sadiq was arrested recently
for indecently assaulting children, as a result of this he very seldom
comes out for fear of persecution, and is currently planning
to leave the country.

Shahnaz’s brother Mahmood Sadiq also known as Moody, of
Bayside Chip Shop, was arrested and found guilty for gang raping
a young underage girl for which he was given a lengthy prison
sentence, and will remain on the sex offenders register for the
rest of his life.

Shahnaz’s brother-in-law Asif of Spar Shop Grange Town, was
also arrested for indecently assaulting the young girl. When arrested
he was asked: “why did you put your hand in the young
girls panties?” “He replied I was looking for the chocolate that I
thought she had taken without paying.”

Shahnaz’s ******* ******** ***** is notorious for his evil behaviour
in the community. He is accused by the community for
his adultery of which his wife is fully aware, she has fought on
many occasions with Pakistani ladies whom she blamed he was
having affairs with behind her back. Her husband who wants to
be on the mosque committee as well as earning his living from
selling alcohol, he went beyond the boundaries of decency and
sold alcohol to underage children, for which he was charged together
with his wife. He struck a deal with the prosecuting authorities
by asking them that he will plead guilty of they would
drop the charges against his wife for the same offence that they
both committed. The authorities accepted his request. He was
found to have broken the law on two occasions and was found
guilty and heavily fined, therefore having a criminal record.
***** is a known bad man who looks at other people’s
mothers, sisters, daughters and wives with lusting evil eyes. This
fact is well known in the community; even a poet wrote a complete
poem on ***** entitled ‘The Zan’, officially
branding him in the community as ‘The Adulterer”.
***** ha been pleased that the poet has made him
famous within the community, as The Zani. This has been proved
by the fact that he is happy with the contents of the poem he has
not challenged the work of the poet, who has immortalised him
in Cardiff as ‘The Zani’.

Shahnaz’s ****** ***** has recently declared that
a mosque belongs to him and his limited company, and not to the
members of the public who have been donating money in their
hundreds and thousands over two decades. A statement like this
is normally made by kafirs (non-believers), those who seek hell
on earth, as well as their ultimate reward in the life after which
also will be hell.

No genuine Muslim or a person who honour the respect of their
mother, sister, daughter or wife will allow them near
*****’s home or his family, unless they have no gherrat (honour).
No honourable lady who has respect and honour will lend her
name to the evil homemade ***** and Co. Organisation
called ‘hope’ (umeed).

Recently ***** and his accomplice who has been
branded as the Abra of Cardiff (evil tyrant who tried to take
over Mecca), have hot together after failing in all their endeavours,
and come up with their final idea to form a women’s group
and call it ‘Hope’ (umeed). This was the idea of the man who
was called Abra of Cardiff and ***** who has been
branded ‘The Zani’.

Both of these men together with their blind and illiterate followers
who are easily led, are now putting forward their final objective,
which is to make the women carry out their evil plans, as
they have faied so miserably to do anything over many yearts.
For many years ***** together with his accomplice,
one calling himself General Secretary and one calling himself
Chairman, have been misleading the community with the support
of the sacrificial goats who have no directions or objectives
other than to make money and put it in their shoe boxes or under
the mattress. The so called “Jacos donkeys” are now supporting
***** by allowing him to make his wife Chairman
of “Hope”, and supporting Abra for Abra’s wife to be General
Secretary of ‘Hope’.

What a farce!

No educated god fearing true carers, respectable and honourable
members of the community will support these people once the
truth is before them. Which decent and honourable man will
allow his children or his wife to be befriended by
*****’s **** Shahnaz, so that she can take these women home for
her XXXXXX to ogle over with his evil and sinister dirty looks and
thoughts that are perverted?

Just as ***** and accomplice have been baffling and
making a fool of fools, sometimes genuine people have been mislead
too, who have been made into bulls, owls and donkeys. In
the same way ***** and his accomplice want their
wives to do the same as they have been doing for over 15 years,
which is to hoodwink women by feeding them lies, intimidating
them and trying to treat them as cows, owls and stray cats.
*****’a wife Shahnaz recently made her maiden
statement as a bogus Chairman of the homemade society of
*****’s and his accomplice, the statement she made was
as follows:

‘I want my partco opened”.

The members of the mosque were reluctant to open “Shahnaz’s
partco” as she put it, as she had no right to give consent, especially
when her husband had failed to open it. Why was she
flaunting her request around the city?

The members of the community were quite concerned as to why
Shahnaz was continuously using the phrase:
“ I want my partco opened.”

Why would she want partco opened? Surely the area to which
she was referring to was too small. But she was still adamant that
she wanted her partco opened.

Members of the community decided that in order to keep her
happy and satisfy her, some volunteers went in with full force
and opened partco; they were amazed that the area was not as
small as members thought.

So what is the purpose of this organisation called ‘Hope’

Hope is an organisation made up by *****, XXXXXXX
of Shahnaz, and the Abra, husband of the Secretary, to use these
women and the member ladies who are being asked to sign the
membership forms, as human shields, for when they do battle
with people who are true champions of the community, the ones
who will never sit back and allow XXXXXXXX and Abra
to succeed, to use when the good men of God come to beat evil,
these women will be used by this evil pair, to take them on. How
degrading to treat the decent respectable mothers, sisters, daughters
and wives in this way.

What ‘Hope’ has Shahnaz got in trying to resolve community issues,
when she is living with people who are probably the worst
individuals any family can have, this woman surrounded by these
so called men, she is trying to please them, what example is she
setting, aren’t you supposed to judge the company you keep?
‘HOPE’ (umeed)

Maybe she has ‘Hope’ that her father is never involved with
young children again.

Maybe she has ‘Hope’ that her brother does not gang rape anyone
underage again.

Maybe she has ‘Hope’ that her brother-in-law does not put hands
in places that are criminal, involving children.

Maybe she has ‘Hope’ and her biggest hope yet that her husband
may lose his eyesight so that he does not have preying eyes on
other people’s mothers, sisters, daughters and wives.

Maybe she has ‘Hope’ that her husband does not ask her to befriend
other women under the umbrella of ‘Hope’, and bring
them to the home as victims.

Maybe she has ‘Hope’ that someone will day again marry XXXX,
her sister, even though she has a past with a man from Riverside
who had been showing her around Cardiff for approximately 3
years and her family refused to allow this gentleman from the
Riverside community to marry her.

How can this woman Shahnaz stand up and call herself Chairman
when she has no hope in hell? And can’t even sort out her
own family affairs?

Who would trust their children, mothers, sisters, daughters and
wives in her home, where all the four beasts have access?
The community is well aware that many genuine ladies have
signed membership forms and become members of ‘Hope’, innocently
supporting these evil men and the endeavours of
***** and the Abra of Cardiff – Allah will never help succeed
these men and women with their evil intentions.

We pray that the mothers, sisters, daughters and wives completely
disassociate themselves from this organisation ‘Hope’
(umeed), which is being launched by *****, and his

We request those respectable, honourable God fearing ladies
whose husbands are true men and not idiots, bulls, owls or donkeys
to kindly refrain from joining ‘Hope’ (umeed) and if you
have already joined, withdraw your so called membership in the
interest of izzat, honour, respect and dignity for yourself, your
husband, your children and your family as a whole in the community.
The true hope is that after reading this the respectable ladies
will completely disengage themselves from this sinister society
of women prepared to serve certain evil men, and be used and

Do not allow your mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and children
to fall into the preying eyes of evil men, who will use their
wives, mothers, sisters and daughters to get into your homes to
achieve their dirty deeds.

There is one thing that must be brought to the attention of the
dear respected ladies, which is, when at first a few years ago a
women’s organisation was formed, ***** and the
so-called Abra condemned those poor ladies who were and are
doing a worthy job to help suppressed ladies. *****
and Abra called these ladies because they formed an organisation
of women, prostitutes, home wreckers, and women that wear
trousers and their husbands wear skirts (stockings and red stilettos).
Today, these very so called men are now promoting the
same thing that they were against. Why have *****
and Abra got no shame left in their body; what will these women
be called in their eyes?

Is it because ***** has never had any respect and his
co-conspirators in particularly Abra that they now want to bring
shame on other people’s mothers, sisters, daughters and wives?
O Brothers of Islam, in particularly Pakistani Brothers, protect
your Iszat, form these evil men, and their evil women, who are
now out to mislead you, they are all as the poet of Cardiff said,
‘Abra’s Army’ (kaffirs) (Non-believers).

Please note: currently being prepared is a detailed report on those
women who are conspiring with the evil men who have brought
shame upon their family, their religion, their community and
themselves. They will be exposed so that we can protect our true
mothers, sisters, daughters and wives who are honourable, and
respectable in our community.

A detailed report is also being compiled on Abra and how he has
rewarded ***** for bringing shame and dishonour
to women in his family. When the Abra report is out these ladies
names will be disclosed.

The saddest thing is that Abra instead of punishing
*****, had no other alternative but to award him because he is
70+ and there is no-man in his family who is prepared to challenge
*****. Instead men in his family go and clean
his shoes and sing his praise out of fear in case he exposes details
about their women and what he got up to in his continental style
butchery shop. All will be exposed in full soon.

***** and Abra will be punished in this life and
hereafter, for their sins. The time has come for them both to pay
back the community, for using them and misusing them. God is
aware and the community is aware of the Shetan’s (devils) who
support them, just like blind pigs with no directions, morals or
values, they will also be punished by God.

***** achievements have been stated above and finally
to conclude this please note that he has recently been arrested
on tow occasions for assaulting Mosque Officials for which
he spent all day in Police custody. Instead of punishing him ‘Jaco
and his donkeys’ spent all day trying to free him.

He is currently being investigated by the Police complaint Au
thority at the highest level. He is currently being investigated by
a very serious branch of the police for fraud together with others
for trying to obtain money of mosque by deception (insurance

O good Muslim, Pakistani Brothers, protect the honour of your
loved ones from *****, bogus secretary and Abra bogus
Chairman and now *****’s XXXX Shahnaz Sadiq
***** Chairman, and Abra’s wife Secretary of ‘Hope’, same snakes
same skins (wolves in sheep’s clothing).

God will help us defeat them at every opportunity, as
***** and his co-conspirators intentions are pure evil. The
Abra Army was defeated once before and shall be defeated once
again inshallah.

Thank you

Muslim Wellwishers Group


Cardiff Mosque Secretary wrote to a very well known Zani or Adulterer, Fornicator in rife
with adultery Cardiff Mosque

"The questions that the namazees [worshippers] who have complained against you wants answered is; can a person who practice adultry (zinnah)
(illict sexual relationship with mothers, sisters, daughters and wives of friends) be on the Mosque Committee?

The answer catagorically is No! According to Islamic Law. A person who has carried out zinnah as you have should be stoned to death in accordance to Sharia Law. Had you been in an Islamic country this punishment could still have been administered.

The question is; why are you on the Mosque Committee? Sadly the reason for this is that as time change, certain peoples morals have changed and eroded with time. The very people who support you know full well of your character and yet choose you as a mouthpiece. The biggest incongruity is that you accused a member of a Mosque Committee of having zinnah (sexual illicit relationship)(adultery with a mother and daughter at the same time) yet now that person is your biggest supporter and sits noxt to you during Friday prayers and showing the Community soliderity, it makes the namazees sick!!

And your audacity, after accusing him of zinnah, you then promote his objective and try to make him become a Trustee of ------ Mosque. Is this Islamic? NB: Please note that Muslim women and men are prepared to testify against you regarding you're past history."



Former mosque teacher, 80, is to stand trial accused of indecently assaulting girls as young as five
Mohammed Haji Saddique, 80, of Cardiff, has been charged with 15 offences
He will stand trial accused of indecently assaulting girls as young as five
Seven charges related to allegations of indecent assault on two young girls


Mohammed Haji Sadiq/Saddique/Sadeek or Mohammed Sadiq/Saddique/Sadeek

haji sadiq of cardiff mosque


The alleged offences involve four girls and are said to have happened between 1996 and 2006.



Mohammed Sadiq/Sadeek is a director of Muslim Educational and Welfare Society Wales

Muslim educational & welfare Society Wales



Girl, 15, used as 'sex plaything

Mahmood Sadiq , 35, from Cyncoed, Cardiff, offered free drinks to lure the teenager to a flat for sex sessions with himself and two friends.
"Sadiq plied her with drink, took off her clothes and raped her in a bedroom."



adulterer with adulterer poem by javed javed
Adulterer with Adulterer
These are the words of Holy Qur'an; Adulterer with Adulterer,
An Axis of Fitnah & Evil is the Sign of Satan.
Shamelessness & Obscenity you will get from Adulterer,
Satan Rules over you by teaching you how to fight among yourselves.
Friendship with adulterer would not suit Muslim,
Adulterer lies at every step/corner.
Look adulterer is wearing a necklace of a Curse of Allah,
How can an adulterer be a Friend of Muslim, I am utterly astonished Muslim.
if you are to kick/reject  the commands of the Qur'an of Muhammad(S),
O Muslim, you are an Enemies of Muhammad (S ) and Grand Mother of Evil.
Do not talk about your love towards Muhammad (S) verbally,
If you are not on the Way of Muhammad (S); you do not know what love is.
Say! Doesn't Muhammad (S) accept Alcohol as a Mother of Evil?
But you still Sell & Drink; your unfaithfulness is visible.
You performing of Hajj, Prayer and Fasting have just blacken you forehead,
You are ignorant if you think Allah does not know hypocrites.
Son of Ali (RA) (Hussain-RA) did not stop when Hussain (RA) decided to go to Karbala (against oppressor),
Oppressor cannot stop the writing flow of the Pen of Javed.
(O Muslim) Why do you call Christians, Jews and Hindus as your Blood Enemies?
Your enemies are your Satan Leaders; a Satanic Work of Satan.
Adulterer does not understand nor wants to know Mother, Sister & Queen Daughter,
When adulterer comes into that state of mind he will chew anybody available.
This is a shrewd & prudent suggestion; whoever is a friend of adulterer,
Should test the DNA of his children to know for sure the father of children.
One Satan in Cardiff & One Evil Adulterer,
Both evils have errected & covered themselves with the Sheet of Community.
If Muslim becomes a Partner with Evil; it is a beastly act,
Your story will end when you will be in Hell.

Simple English understanding of an Urdu Language Poem by Javed Javed - 25 March 2013 (Qur'an-24:3, 36:6)



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Javed Javed exposing paedophile and child sex groomers of zani harami mosque or masjid cardiff


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